Top 10 Cat Breeds That Love Water

Top 10 Cat Breeds That Love Water

Cats hate water! Finally, this is what you can conclude by seeing your cat rushing home at the first drop of rain… However, certain breeds of cats have no problem with the aquatic element. On the contrary, they are cats that like to swim and gladly enjoy spending time in water.

1 – The Abyssinian

Here is an original cat, which looks like a puma in miniature and behaves with its master like a small dog. Intelligent and affectionate, its natural elegance makes it a fascinating animal. Originally from Ethiopia or Egypt, this amazing little feline does not hesitate to dive at the first opportunity. The Abyssinian is an excellent swimmer, agile and muscular, who enjoys accompanying his master in his aquatic adventures.

2 – Bengal

This Asian giant, whose ancestor is a domestic cat crossed with an Asian wild cat, looks more like a leopard, of which it has a spotted dress. Curious and intelligent, the Bengal is affectionate and very demonstrative. Impressive by its large size (a male can weigh up to 9 kg), this tomcat stands out for its passion for water. Expect to see him land in the bathtub or in the pool at any time!

3 – The Maine Coon

Another big cat: usually weighing between 6 and 10 kg, some males reach 14 kg! Its large size does not prevent it from being particularly soft, cuddly and very playful. Water is a real pleasure for the Maine Coon. The slightest sink filled is a call for a dip. It must be said that this American cat (originally from Maine) has Norwegian ancestors, from especially humid regions. In any case, he loves water and snow! Protected by a dense and water-repellent coat, it does not care about the temperature of the water. But his fleece requires a good regular brushing.

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4 – The Norwegian

This thick-furred cat was the companion of the Vikings. Present in Norse mythology, it is one of the oldest cat breeds. Water is no problem for him, quite the contrary! A little dip from time to time makes him happy. The Norwegian is a large cat (10 kg for the older ones), gentle and affectionate, whose protective temperament makes him a good companion for children. With its water-repellent fur, this cat of Scandinavian origin is an excellent swimmer.

5 – The Siberian

If there is a cat that loves water, it is the Siberian! Bathing, swimming, playing in the water are among his favorite activities. The Siberian is an ancient breed, coming from cold and snowy regions, familiar with water for centuries. You can take this little adventurer everywhere, because he enjoys swimming in a mountain lake as much as long walks in nature. A particularity makes it unique in its kind: its coat is hypoallergenic. If you are allergic to cat hair, you can live with a Siberian without any problem.

6 – The Turk of Van

The “swimming cat” has two particularities: its beauty and its passion for water! This natural breed originates from Lake Van, in the Armenian highlands. He’s a big cat, magnificent with his semi-long coat, soft as cashmere, and his mismatched eyes. He loves to swim, just for fun. At the swimming pool as at the sea, in a lake or a river, he never hesitates to dive. As a family, he is tireless when it comes to playing with the children, in the water but also on dry land. It is also an excellent climber, as comfortable in the trees as in the water. Intelligent and energetic, the Van Turk is very curious and tends to follow his master like a dog.

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7 – The Turkish Angora

This very beautiful cat with semi-long hair is the ancestor of the long and semi-long haired breeds of Europe and America. Its name of Angora, former name of the Turkish capital Ankara, is also given to other species with long hairs, including the rabbit. He is a very playful and sociable cat, who appreciates the water when he has the opportunity to take a dip. The Turkish Angora is a natural breed, therefore rather robust, known in the East for two millennia. Even though he lives in an apartment, his fascination with water remains instinctive. If the opportunity arises, he does not hesitate to dive into large bodies of water.

8 – The Manx Cat

Also called the Isle of Man cat (British Isle), it is known for not having a tail. As its hind legs are longer than the front ones, it moves by hopping like a rabbit. When the Manx has white fur, it is to be mistaken! But the resemblance ends there when it comes to jumping into the water. The aquatic element holds no secrets for this island race. It is even said that he was the last animal to climb on Noah’s ark… Unfortunately for him, the ark’s door closed a little too quickly and cut off his tail!

9 – The American Bobtail

The American Bobtail has a charming feature that gives it a completely original silhouette: its short tail, sometimes curved like a pompom. This is what its name means in English: “short tail”. This still recent breed, since it was born in 1965, also has the particularity of appreciating water. He has a rustic side, with his stocky silhouette of a little bear with lynx ears and his wild look. This does not prevent him from being intelligent and lively, gentle in character and very attached to his master. His taste for water is evident in his games. We don’t know why, but he loves soaking his toys in water!

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10 – The Savannah

If this amazing cat looks like a leopard, it’s not by chance. Coming from the cross between a serval and a Bengal cat, her appearance is fascinating. Almond eyes and big ears, a muscular body and a beautiful spotted coat, the Savannah has it all. Its attraction to water is one of its characteristics (provided it is not too cold!). A little dip is not to displease him. Apart from that he is intelligent, sociable, affectionate and hyper active… In short, everything to please.

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