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There is nothing cuter than seeing a cat or kitten sleeping. It is something that awakens the protective instinct that we all have stored inside, and makes us decrease stress hormones, thus removing low spirits.

When you plan to live with a furry one, one of the first things we have to do is buy their rest furniture. Since there is so much to choose from, I’m going to help you with this selection of cat beds that you are sure to love.

Before buying

It is important that, before going to buy the bed for our cat, we take into account the size of the animal itself, as well as its age . Although it is recommended to buy kittens a bed according to their size, the truth is that when they grow up quickly it is preferable to buy one for when they are adults, especially when the budget is limited.

The bed is undoubtedly what your cat will use the most, and it is necessary to make the best possible choice. You also have to take into account the climate , since if you live in a soft or warm one, a carpet-type bed (with a very low headrest) that is made with waterproof fabric will be more useful than a bed that is covered by cotton. For the same reason, if it is very cold in winter or your cat is very cold, it will spend hours in a warm bed, which has cotton, and it will feel even more comfortable if it is a cave type.

With that said, take a look at the beds we have selected for you:

Soft Fleece Bed

This Soft Fleece bed model is ideal for very cold cats. Its measurements are 46x42x15cm. You have it available in brown like the one you can see in the image, and also in pink. The drawing of the footprint makes it a bed, just adorable.

Radiator bed

This is one of the most recent bed models: the bed that rests on the radiator . They are very practical when you have little space. All you need is, of course, a radiator. The measurements are as follows: 48 × 3’6 × 31’6cm. Give your cat the chance to be comfortable in a quiet place.

Buy –  Radiator bed

Deluxe bed


Looking for a bed with classic style? Then the Deluxe is for you. Especially suitable for kittens or small cats, it is covered by plush. Inside there is a cushion that you can remove for a better cleaning. Available in two different models, the one you can see in the image, and another in lighter brown tones. Its measurements are 45x40x45cm.

Buy – Deluxe bed

Burger bed

The burger bed is, simply, exceptional. A very curious design, and at the same time, very comfortable that your kitten will love, since they love to get into any corner. It is made with velvety soft cotton. The measurements are: 31x31x46cm.

Buy – Burger bed

Koopman International Bed


Did you think that the shoes only served to protect the feet? This bed model is specially designed for those humans who want their cat to feel comfortable, but at the same time that the bed is curious, very decorative or, at least, attracts attention. If that is your case, the Koopman International bed in the shape of a shoe will be your best choice. Its measurements are perfect for both kittens and cats of all sizes, since it is extra large.

Buy – Koopman Bed

Siesta hammock for cats

In good weather there is nothing like lying on a deck chair or hammock … and enjoying. Cats can also do it with this wonderful Siesta hammock , with a wooden support and with very soft materials (plush) that will make more than one want to be a cat to be able to use it. Its measurements are 73x36x34cm.

Buy – Siesta Hammock for cats

Alice crib


Exceptional crib for cats and kittens . Design and quality in a bed that will appeal to both humans and cats (and if you have dogs, they may also want to use it). Available in beige, the external measurements are 54x44x60cm.

Buy – Alice crib for cats

Cle de Tous

For those looking for exquisite design, this Cle de Tous bed with animal motifs is the most suitable. It is also ideal if your cat reminds you of the big cats of the African savannah. Its measurements are 60x50x18cm, that is, it will be very useful if your friend is rather long.

Buy – Cle de Tous bed

Demarkt bed

The Demarkt bed is ideal if you are looking for an economical bed, but with a curious design. Especially if you have small children and you want to give some corners of your house a childish or fun air, the Demarkt is for you … well, for your cat. You have it in red, pink, blue and lilac. Available in various sizes: small 33x33x34cm, medium 36x36x38cm and large 42x42x48cm.

Buy – Demarkt bed

Gosear brand bed, with dots


This bed will look great in a home with antique furniture, or in light tones. It has a very economical price, something that is undoubtedly appreciated, especially when two or more beds have to be bought but with an elegant design. Made with soft cotton, it is very easy to clean as it is removable. Get this bed if you have (or are going to have) a 3-4kg cat.

Buy – Gosear Bed

Car shaped bed


An even more exclusive design if possible: a car-shaped bed for those who love motors… and cats. Available in black and red, this model is a marvel. Buy it if you want it to be part of the original design of your home. Its external measurements are 76x56x20cm. +

Buy – Car-shaped bed

Cat sofa


Because they also deserve to have a sofa , this model will look great in the living room. Thus, while you watch television or read a book quietly, your friend can rest in his own bed, very close to where he wants to be: his caregiver. The frame is made of pine wood, and the surface is covered with plush and synthetic leather. The pillow, to give the animal even greater comfort, is made of wool. It is removable, has a zipper and is also padded. Its measurements are 68’5x42x43cm, with a seat about 12cm high.

Buy – Pet Sofa

Songmics bed


The Songmics bed is especially suitable for elderly cats, or for those who have suffered an injury to their legs and cannot jump. Also for those of large breed, like the Maine Coons. It is made with Oxfold fabric and non-slip material. It is very easy to clean, since the attached hair will not remain. Its measurements are 100x70x22cm.

Buy – Songmics Bed

Carpet bed


This other model of carpet type bed is also from the Songmics brand. It is perfect for those cats who love to lose themselves in a bed, or for those who prefer to sleep with their feline (or canine) companion in hot weather or during the summer. It is filled with cotton and covered by waterproof fabric. Its measurements are 100x70x15cm.

Buy – Pet Mattress

Cat house

As if it were a house for dolls, we can also find houses for cats in the market . They are very comfortable, and it will provide you with a safe place when you want to take a nap. It has a zipper, which facilitates cleaning. Available in various colors, like the ones you can see in the image, or in reddish tones. Ideal for medium-sized cats.

Buy – House for cats

Pumpkin-shaped bed


This lovely and adorable pumpkin bed is the perfect candidate for kittens or small cats. It is made of cotton, and has an external diameter of 60cm, and an internal diameter (that is, where the animal is to be accommodated) of 35 to 45cm.
Buy – Pumpkin-shaped bed



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