Cat bar: what is this concept?

Cat Bar: What Is This Concept?

Very popular in Japan, cat bars are popping up all over France and attracting all generations. The principle is simple, time for a coffee, a drink or a gourmet break, you are with cats. What is the concept of the cat bar? Here is everything you need to know about these places that make you smile!

The Birth Of The Cat Bar

The cat bar was born in 1998 in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2004, a new establishment opened its doors in Osaka, Japan. And it is in this country that the concept meets with success. It must be said that in Japan, pets are prohibited in apartments. Thanks to the hundreds of cat bars in operation, the population can enjoy the many benefits of cats. In Europe, the first cat bar opened in Austria in Vienna. Today, there are some in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Reims and Angers.

How Does A Cat Bar Work In Japan?

As we have just seen, cat bars in Japan are intended to take advantage of felines when you don’t have any. Sometimes these cat bars have a theme. For example, it is possible to find cat bars with only purebred cats or black cats. To access the cat bar, there is an hourly rate.

Japanese regulations are very strict and animal welfare is a top priority. To open, establishments must obtain a specific license. The cat is king here! The customer has little freedom, it is the cat who decides whether he wants to be cuddled or not. Moreover, felines can isolate themselves if they feel the need.

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How Does A Cat Bar Work In France?

In France, the concept of cat bars is different. As in Japan, it is possible to spend time with cats. It’s very pleasant, especially if we don’t have a cat at home. Often, cat bars have a partnership with an association or the SPA, the animal protection society. Also, all the cats present in the establishment are also available for adoption.

Each cat has a card that contains the following information:

  • name,
  • age,
  • breed,
  • ideal place to live (house or apartment),
  • possibility of living with other animals,
  • attitude with children,
  • character traits.

In French cat bars, felines are kings too! Customers must respect the animals. They choose when they want to interact. Customers pay for their drinks and any snacks. On the other hand, there is no charge for the time spent in the establishment.

Adopting The Right Attitude In A Cat Bar

No legislation is in force in France. However, establishments must meet a few requirements. Here are the regulations that govern the activity of a cat bar.

  • The entrance must have an airlock. Thanks to him, the cats cannot go out and don’t end up on the public highway.
  • The cat bar must have a separate room prohibited to the public so that the felines can isolate themselves and rest.
  • Cats should not be coerced by customers.
  • The kitchen and the counter must be forbidden to cats for reasons of hygiene.
  • All surfaces must be washable. It is therefore prohibited to put carpets in a cat bar.
  • Rules of procedure must be communicated to customers.
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In the internal rules of the cat bar, customers learn about the attitude to adopt. In a very large majority of cases, it is asked not to carry the cats. Once again, felines should not be constrained. It is also requested not to feed the cats. Before entering the area of ​​the bar where the cats are free, customers must wash their hands.

How To Adopt A Cat From A Cat Bar?

In France, cat bars often aim to find a home for abandoned cats. If you’ve fallen for a furball, take the time to find out. Go see him several times and get acquainted with him. Also ask about the animal.

Once you have made your decision, you must go to the SPA or the association that works in partnership with the cat bar. Make the papers, pay the adoption fees and leave with the adoption certificate! It is with this document that you will be able to pick up your cat.

Before the big day, make sure everything is ready to welcome your cat. You must have bowls, a basket, a litter box, a scraper, toys… Also plan a transport box to pick up your animal. If you have chosen a name other than the one worn by the cat you are adopting, inform the cat bar so that the people who work there start calling it by the chosen name.

Finally, know that even if you do not plan to adopt a cat, cat bars can finance structures that take care of abandoned animals. It is also an incredible place to enjoy the benefits of the cats’ purrs and their hugs.

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