Castrating or sterilizing? Advantages and Inconveniences

¿Castrating or sterilizing? Advantages and Inconveniences

Opting for neutering or sterilization is a recurring question among cat owners, regardless of their sex. Not surprisingly, the arrival of zeal brings with it certain inconveniences in coexistence, even more so if it takes place in a small apartment.

However, as important as the procedure we choose is the moment in which it is undertaken, since if, for example, the cat is in heat and ovulating, there is a greater risk of infections making an appearance. Let’s see what are the benefits and drawbacks of neutering or spaying a cat.

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Differences between neutering and spaying

Are you clear about what each of them consist of? The truth is that there is some confusion about its peculiarities, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

For some, castration is typical of males, and sterilization of females . Nothing is further from the truth, the gender of the feline has its relevance, but not to create a differentiation between the two contraceptive methods.

Neutering is the removal of the cat’s sex glands . In the male, the extraction of the testicles is a simple surgery, the recovery of which takes place in one day. In the female, on the other hand, the extraction of the ovaries or ovaries and the uterus entails a longer recovery.

In both cases, the suppression of the sexual organs brings as a direct consequence the non-segregation of sex hormones, which is why the discomfort caused by heat disappears. We refer to the meows, the urine of the males to mark the territory or the escapes.

Sterilization, for its part, can be chemical or surgical and involves the cancellation of the cat’s reproductive capacity, but without avoiding heat . In males it supposes their vasectomization by cutting their sperm pathways. In females a tubal ligation is performed by cutting the oviducts or uterine tubes.

Contraindications to neutering or spaying

The moment you decide to implement either of these two contraceptive methods will affect the behavior and health of your kitten. You should know that in dominant and aggressive females, estrogens play a mitigating role that moderates their behavior.

Therefore, castration is contraindicated in cats of these characteristics because it could aggravate their temperament and make coexistence difficult. Nor is it advisable to resort to neutering in cats with thyroid gland disorders .

On the contrary, castration is positive in males with dominant and aggressive behaviors, as well as in those suffering from prostatic hyperplasia. In turn, the non-secretion of testosterone makes it easier for males to accept other cats willingly.

Advantages and disadvantages of castration

In both males and females, castration reports more positive than negative consequences. In cats it reduces the probability of suffering tumors of the womb, ovary or breast.

In cats, it prevents the development of anal, testicular and prostate tumors. Likewise, at the behavioral level, since there is no zeal, their behavior in both sexes is regulated and softened .

Regarding the disadvantages, it is worth noting the prevalence of urinary incontinence and obesity, which forces them to introduce certain changes in their eating routine and to be more attentive to the first symptoms to take them to the veterinary office.

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Advantages and disadvantages of sterilization

The most positive sequel, apart from the impossibility of reproduction if it is not desired, is the less aggressiveness of the surgery, with a consequent faster and more bearable recovery, especially in women.

However, its drawbacks are several. The behavioral disorders that are unpleasant in coexistence, associated with heat, persist and the incidence of breast or testicular cancer persists .

If the cat goes into heat and is not mounted, she could show weekly heat. The same can happen if the temperature of the house remains stable for many months, your cat’s organism can become confused and she can manifest recurrent jealousy with a high risk of tumor.

Reflect on what is most beneficial for your cat’s health and well-being. If you do not want kittens, remember that neutering achieves an interesting cancer deterrent effect, without forgetting the remission of behavioral changes associated with heat that are so uncomfortable.


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