Carnilove dry food: my opinion for my cat

Carnilove is a company which develops in the manufacture of dry food for cats, but also for dogs. It offers different ranges adapted to each of these animals. Its croquettes do not contain cereals, chemicals, potatoes, preservatives, etc. Carnilove is a brand highly regarded by cat owners.

Carnilove: this growing brand

Carnilove aims to provide natural food products for dogs and cats.

Brand presentation

Carnilove is a Czech company headquartered in Prague. It is linked to the family business N-ID France which operates in the sale of food and accessories for animals. This family company brings together several major brands such as Canvid, Diamond, NutraGold, Brit, Taste of the Wild, etc. Carnilove is a brand set up by professionals wishing to offer high-quality diets to pets. She is committed to providing healthy cat food.

This company has a very strong presence in the European market. Indeed, Carnilove’s collaboration with the N-ID France group has enabled the brand to develop in Europe. It offers two product branches: one for dogs and one for cats.

The Into the Wild range

The Into the Wild range is fully adapted to the meat needs of cats. The term “Into the wild” refers to the original diet of wild cats. Indeed, it is on the latter that the brand referred to manufacture its kibble for cats. These are high-end ingredients that are used in the manufacture of cat food.

The Carnilove products for cats are very rich in wild fish or meat protein in the grass in forest fruits,  with vegetables, etc. Important sources of protein for cats such as pheasant, reindeer, and duck are exploited by the brand.

The different types of croquettes

Carnilove offers several types of dry cat food. These kibbles vary according to the components and their use depends on the age of the cat.

Carnilove Salmon and Turkey

These croquettes are intended for kittens and they guarantee good growth. They are nourishing kibbles rich in vitamins,  fats,  antioxidants, and proteins. They facilitate the development of kittens’ bones and muscles and help strengthen the immune system.

Apart from the assured physical growth, the development of mental faculties is also guaranteed by these croquettes. This recipe is made with turkey meats, salmon, chicken fat, yellow peas, chicken protein, and salmon oil. It also contains carrots, apples, chicken liver, herbs, berries, etc.

Duck and pheasant carnivore

These croquettes are dedicated to adult cats who often have hairballs. They contain meat and fibers which promote good digestion and thus help prevent their formation. This range also has a high content of natural antioxidants that optimize the physical condition of the cat. Some of the ingredients in this recipe include duck meat, pheasant meat,  chicken fat, chicken liver,  yellow peas, and salmon oil. There are also chickpeas,  carrots, boneless duck, seaweed,  raspberries, blueberries, etc.

Carnilove Reindeer

These kibbles are designed for adult cats who spend a lot of time outdoors. They contain vitamins, mineral acids, and amino acids which maintain the tendons and muscle mass of the cat. The ingredients of these croquettes are duck flour, turkey meat, boneless duck, yellow peas, chicken liver, olive oil, salmon oil, carrots, fruitwood, herbs, etc.

Carnilove Duck and Turkey

This range is intended for large adult cats. These are cats belonging to large breeds like  Norwegians,  Maine Coons ,  Siberians, etc. These croquettes allow easy digestion as well as maintenance of tendons and muscles. They are rich in antioxidants and green mussels and provide a strengthening of the immune system.

They also guarantee the beauty of the cat’s coat and perfect skin health. They contain ingredients like reindeer meat, wild boar meat, chicken liver, salmon oil, carrots, chicken fat, herbs, seafood, etc.

Carnilove salmon

These kibbles are made for sensitive cats who have digestive problems or who have long hair. They contain salmon fat and protein which is essential for easy digestion and shiny hair. Among the ingredients of this recipe are boneless salmon, ground and dried salmon, chicken fat, ground, and dried herring, salmon oil, berries, herbs, etc.

Carnilove lamb and wild boar

These are dry food for adult cats that are sterilized. Unlike the brand’s other cat food, they are low in potassium and magnesium. This low content avoids the risk of kidney stones. However, this range is rich in antioxidants and facilitates digestion. Among the ingredients can be mentioned wild boar meat, lamb meat, chicken fat, yellow peas, apples, chickpeas, berries, herbs, etc.

My opinion on Carnilove croquettes

Carnilove cat food can be used for cats of all breeds, sizes, and ages. They are distinguished by their quality with natural recipes. They are devoid of harmful and unnecessary components to the animal.

The Carnilove cat range is very rich and there is perfect transparency in the ingredients. The nutritional value of the vegetables and herbs incorporated in the kibbles has been tested and proven. The excellent quality/price ratio makes these croquettes accessible to all. Before choosing a range for your cat, be sure to analyze it to get an idea of ​​the type of kibble that will suit him.

In summary, Carnilove is a reliable brand with a good reputation. She is trustworthy to provide your cat with a healthy and varied diet.



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