Caring for a cat: Things you should know

How much should kittens sleep? Why is playtime an essential part of your kitty’s daily routine? What do the types of meows mean? Here are some tips to know before bringing a cat home.

Unless you’ve owned cats before, you will be surprised how different felines are from dogs or any other pets you’ve owned.


Stages of a cat’s life

The stages of a cat’s life can be differentiated as follows:

  • Childhood: It goes from birth to 6 months of age.
  • Junior(adolescence): 6 months to 1 year of age.
  • Maturity: ranges from 1 year to 8 years.
  • Senior(old age): From 8 years old.

How much should cats sleep?

Cats alternate between two modes of sleep: dozing and deep sleep . Periods of numbness typically last 15 to 30 minutes, alternating with periods of deep sleep of 5 minutes. When a cat is dozing, it is ready to jump and move immediately.

Cats of all ages follow these basic sleep patterns, but the amount of sleep a cat needs can vary somewhat with the kitten’s age . Small kittens sleep longer than the average adult cat. In fact, newborn kittens sleep nearly 24 hours a day, waking up only to nurse for short periods, and then falling back to sleep.

If you’ve recently brought a new cat home, don’t worry if he seems to be sleeping all the time. A kitten’s body releases growth hormones when it sleeps, so it’s just working on getting bigger . Kittens sleep soundly, but if it seems particularly difficult to wake your kitten from sleep, take him to your vet to make sure nothing is wrong with him.

It is also important to know that cats are twilight, which means that they are most active at dusk and dawn. When your cat wakes up at dawn, it is because that moment is when its natural prey is awake as well. You are wired to be awake when the sun rises


Playing with your cat the right way

Your kitty will most likely play by chasing after toys or hitting specks of dust that only he can see. This gaming behavior is completely normal.

Usually age will not matter, most cats play to a greater or lesser extent. Playing teaches them important social and survival skills as well as being fun for them.

Playing is a very important behavior for kittens. We can help kittens learn the limits of the game by never using our hands when playing with them. It is important that cats do not think that it is okay to bite .

If your kitten becomes overstimulated during playtime and tries to bite, we must stop play . We simply have to stop playing, turn our backs on him and leave the room for a few seconds to give him time to calm down. With this, our kitten will understand that if it bites we stop the game and we do not give it the attention it wants.

What do your new cat’s meows mean?

Familiarizing yourself with your cat’s typical “vocabulary” is an important part of living with him , because if your cat starts to meow strangely , you know that he may have a medical problem.

Kittens use meows and other vocalizations to communicate with their mothers and other caregivers. These meows typically indicate when the kitten is hungry, cold, or unsure of its surroundings. As a kitten gets used to its surroundings, it may meow to make sure its mother or caregiver is around.

Whining meows that sound different from your kitty’s typical vocalizations could mean she’s in pain . In this case we must take him to the vet as soon as possible.

As kittens get older, they tend to meow less when in the exclusive company of other cats (unless they are angry or upset, then they will growl and hiss).


How do kittens learn?

Although the brain of a cat is smaller compared to other mammals, the structure is quite similar to that of a human being, as we both have cerebral cortices and lobes. As in humans, a cat’s cerebral cortex is responsible for decision-making, learning, and short- and long-term memories.

A kitten takes note of what other cats in its environment, other pets, and even humans are doing when interacting with them. All of this helps your brain develop properly.

Kittens need interaction with their own species, to develop social and physical coordination skills through play, exploration and hunting , during the first months of life.

If your kitty seems a bit shy and struggles to interact with pets and humans around her, she probably doesn’t feel entirely safe. We can help you do it through interactive toys , to help you relax and feel good about your surroundings.

How to combat boredom in cats?

Before adopting a kitten you should know that little stimulated cats run the risk of developing behaviors related to boredom.

Cats are made to be active. They have among their abilities great stealth and precision, as well as incredible speed . Imagine having all these qualities and never using them. So it is with many cats.

Having a partner can make a difference in enriching a cat’s life. It is highly recommended that if you can adopt two kittens better than one.

Don’t worry if you notice that your kitty is hesitant around new people or situations at first. This is likely to happen because he is still getting used to everything, especially when you bring him home for the first time. The environment of your home is unfamiliar and large, for a kitten to adapt from the beginning.


You should watch your cat’s joints

It is important that as your cat gets older you monitor its joints, especially if it is already an adult cat when you adopt it.

Arthritis is very common, but it is not the only disease that can affect a cat’s joints. Don’t worry too much because kittens do not generally suffer from arthritis, although they can develop inherited joint diseases, such as displacement of the patella or hip dysplasia.

If you notice that your cat begins to wobble and that it rests on one of its legs in an unstable way, this may be a sign that your cat has a disease in the joints . It is important that a veterinarian examine you in these cases.

With this we already know cats a little better, and it will guide us to be more prepared when we bring a new kitten home!




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