Can you play with the laser pointer?

Many humans who live with cats choose to play with them with the laser pointer . There are many videos on YouTube that prove it. But how beneficial is it to play with the pointer with our feline friend? It is an apparently harmless toy, but it is important to follow a series of tips to prevent our friend from being frustrated or suffering any damage to his eyes.

Of course, the cat should be played with to prevent it from getting bored and / or doing things it shouldn’t do as a result of said boredom.

Cats are naturally curious animals, and if you show them the laser pointer they will not hesitate to go after it. But you have to know is a light that can damage the eyes of animals, including ours if we stare at it for more than 10 seconds. That is why it is extremely important that we never point the laser at our eyes, as it could cause damage.

You also have to know that they are hunters, and that if they cannot hunt their prey in any way, it is very likely that they end up frustrated. One trick to avoid this is to point the light at a toy . So you can “hunt” something and have even more fun.

For safety, it is recommended not to abuse the laser pointer ; that is, use other types of toys or combine both, and do not lengthen play sessions too long. For the feline’s own satisfaction, it is always recommended to end the game with a prize for the animal; as we said before, so that you feel that you have been able to satisfy your hunter instinct.

Answering the question in the title, yes, the laser pointer is playable . But without abusing and following the advice that we have been citing you in this article. Although there is no study that links it, abusing the laser pointer or pointing the light at the cat could cause vision problems in the short and medium term.



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