Can we raise as many cats as we want at home?

Can we raise as many cats as we want at home?

Can we raise as many cats as we want at home?

The number of cats that can be kept at home is a question that must above all be a matter of common sense. We know that too much promiscuity is not without risks for these animals from a psychological point of view but also from a health point of view. In addition, this requires a very high level of availability and a substantial budget on the part of the master. Let’s take a closer look at why it is better to moderate the number of small borders.

Promiscuity is not always appreciated

The more cats that share a restricted environment, the more likely they are to not find their place, which can cause them to fight. This generates a lot of stress in these animals, which are particularly sensitive to it. Even if it is said that it is easier to raise several cats belonging to the same siblings, that is to say, if they are brothers and/or sisters, it can quickly become complicated to have to manage them.

Each animal has its own personality and it is quite common that a cat likes to have an exclusive relationship with its owner. There are also some who are only happy if there are no other animals in the household. Whether he is always behind his breeder or rather solitary, a cat likes to live in peace and it is not at all certain that he is happy to share his master or even his environment with many congeners. He may even suffer seriously from being brought up in such conditions to the point of making depression.

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Higher disease risks

We must know that the risks of contamination are numerous within a cattery if one of the kitties falls ill. However, when you adopt a cat, you undertake to do everything possible to protect it throughout its life against diseases of all kinds. Raising lots of cats at home goes against this principle.

A time-consuming occupation

Raising a large number of cats at home requires devoting most of your time to it if you want to take good care of your animals. So you have to have a lot of freedom on a daily basis. If all members of the family are absent from morning to evening, chances are that some of the cats in the house will suffer the consequences by feeling neglected.

A sizeable budget

It is necessary to count between 600 and 800 $/year per cat, which represents a tidy sum. This does not take into account the price of each small feline which is therefore added to this savings when you buy the cats.

It is indeed necessary to devote part of the household budget to the feed which must be balanced and of high quality, with toys baskets toilet houses and to litter bags, and to many accessories such as brushes, combs, etc. But that’s not all.

It is a breeder’s responsibility to think about taking care of the health of all his cats by taking them regularly to the veterinarian and by assuming the expenses of buying medicines if the kitties fall ill… That’s not counting vaccines, sterilization, and many other veterinary procedures. And even if each cat is insured with an animal health mutual liable to apply a sliding scale in the event of multiple contracts, the annual cost of the insurance policy can reach heights.

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Limiting the number of cats in the home is recommended

You have to be aware that you cannot give as much attention to each cat when you have several as if you were raising only one. Many experts in the field assume that one should not no more than two cats per occupant of a house. It is completely reasonable and understandable. This guarantees the animals the well-being they deserve.

Raising too many cats is therefore not a good idea. They may be ultra crunchy, but cats are not collectibles, but living beings to whom a master must give much of his person. But if you can’t really restrict yourself, then why not make it your profession? In this case, it is essential to have suitable premises for a large number of cats. But becoming a breeder requires special skills and you also have to take many steps to comply with the regulations.

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