Can two adult cats get along?

It is said that cats are very territorial animals and that, if they have always been the only furry ones that have lived in a home, they will hardly accept another of their species. But is that true? Not at all. Yes, they are very territorial, to the point that for them, your house is actually their home, which they must protect at all costs from any intruder, but with patience on the part of the human, they can make friends with other cats , regardless of whether they are male or female.

In the event that they are both males or both females, I’m not going to fool you, it costs a bit more, but they can get along .

It is difficult to say “males have this character and females this other”, since each animal is unique, with its own personality and character. But I can tell you that males tend to be calmer than females . They are territorial, and will not hesitate to attack if they see it necessary to defend what is theirs, but they are the ones who tend to accept another cat better.

On the other hand, cats, although they tend to be more active, are also the ones that tend to give more affection to their caregivers . But it costs a bit to accept another adult cat, much more than if it is a puppy.

  • During the first days -no more than 7-, we will have the new cat in a room, with its feeder, drinker, bed, litter box and a rug or scratching post.
  • During this period, we will be exchanging the beds every day, so that in this way they will recognize and accept the smell of the other.
  • After that time, we will take out the “new” cat and put it in a place where the other can see and smell it, but without actually touching it.
  • If all goes well, we’ll let them be together in a room where we can control them. In the event that it did not go well, we will continue to let them meet but not touch for a while longer, until they are curious and do not snort or growl.




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