Can the cat be fed homemade food?

Since its origin, the cat has always looked for a way to hunt its prey as quickly as possible in order to feed itself . But, since the creation of feed, in the middle of the last century, he no longer has any need to catch an animal, since he has his food at home.

However, can you give him homemade food?

Today, feeding pets is a business. The feed is true that they are very practical and comfortable for us, since we only have to open the bag and serve, but if we take into account that the cats that we have at home have been hunting for about 150 thousand years and that the feed appeared not a century ago, several things can be rethought regarding this issue .

Is it dangerous to give him homemade food?

It depends on how long it is left in the fridge. There’s no more. The meat that should be given to the animals must come from the same place where we are going to buy the meat that we consume. It passes all the necessary controls so that it can be consumed without problem once cooked (or cooked), so the cat’s health will not be compromised.

When can you start giving it?

When you want 🙂. The furry will begin to have teeth strong enough to nibble at about 1 month of age, so at this age it can be given pieces of well-minced meat.

What can you eat?

It can eat all kinds of meat, but without bones or skin. The former can splinter, and the latter has a lot of fat, plus it can make you vomit. You can also give tuna (but not the one that comes in cans for human consumption), fish without bones, fruits (watermelon, oranges, pears), and cooked scrambled eggs.

And why not?

There are foods that can be harmful, such as:

  • Chocolate
  • Onion and garlic
  • Cereals
  • Sausages
  • Sugary foods



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