Can my cat sleep with me?

When we decide to bring a new animal home, before we finally have it with us we have to talk with the family to make a series of decisions together. One of the most important is whether or not we are going to let the cat sleep with us in bed .

It is often thought that it is better for the furry to have its own, since it is an animal that sheds hair (except those breeds that do not have it, such as the Sphynx 🙂) and that therefore could cause us an allergy, or even infect us with a disease. But to what extent is that true? Can my cat sleep with me?

Sleeping with the cat, sleeping with a furry cushion

Spending the nights with your best four-legged friend is an incredible experience, you can already have a bed for two that he will only put in one corner: next to you , either on your feet or on your face. They love to sleep with that human being who takes care of him, who gives him affection, and who cares about him. And the person … usually corresponds, since when you have spent a night with your cat, it is difficult to forget the pleasant moment you have spent together .

Hygiene’s norm


But of course, a series of basic hygiene rules must be taken into account so that we can continue dreaming together with our furry ones without having to take unnecessary risks. So what are they?

  • It is very important that we brush it daily, thus avoiding the accumulation of hair on our sheets. In this way, we will keep the bed clean and free of hair.
  • We will change the sheets once a week. Blankets and bedspreads at least once a month.
  • Likewise, our sleepwear should also be washed frequently.
  • We will put pipettes or some insecticide product(either natural or chemical, although preferably natural as they protect the animal’s health more as there is no risk of poisoning) to repel and / or eliminate both internal and external parasites.
  • We must make sure that he has all his vaccinations up to date, especially if we give him permission to go abroad. Thus, in case you have contact with a sick cat, it will be very difficult for our friend to become infected.
  • It is equally important and advisable to clean the bedroom “thoroughly” once a week, and sweep at least daily. If any member of the family has an allergy, or thinks they may have, it will be much better to vacuum so that hair and lint do not ‘go’ from one room to another.

As you can see, there is nothing that you will not do already. So you should not change anything. However, you must remember to brush it daily to remove dead hair , so by the way “you take weight off” your furry, making it feel lighter, and also helping to avoid excessive heat in summer.

How often do you have to brush the cat?


A cat’s hair can end up anywhere: clothes, furniture, shelves … and of course on the bed. One way to reduce the amount that our friend releases is to brush him daily, since he is a puppy. To do this, we will take a soft bristle brush if you have short hair, or hard if you have semi-long or long hair and we will pass it between 1 and 3 times a day. During the hottest months, as it will be in the molting season, it will have to be brushed between 2 and 5 times each day. Therefore, it is highly advisable to get used to it from a very young age , since we will have to do it often, throughout your life.

But this is much easier than it sounds: you just have to help him associate the brush with something positive (food, toys, caresses). So we will put the object on the ground and when he comes to browse we give him the prize. In this way, we will get him to understand that nothing bad is going to happen, rather the opposite: he is going to receive something that he likes, so he will feel more and more comfortable with the brush nearby.

After a few days, we will brush it, but very little, and soft. We will make very short passes, observing your reaction and giving you prizes after each one. Like this for a week, until we can finally brush it completely.

Of course, even if you have already gotten used to it, it is convenient to continue giving rewards for at least a month so that it is a moment that is so pleasant that as soon as you see the brush, you want to be brushed.

How many beds does a cat need?


Whether you decide that you are going to allow him to sleep with you or not, you have to buy some beds so that he can rest. These are animals that sleep in any corner that is comfortable for them, they do not have a single resting area .

Thus, I recommend that you buy a cat bed itself, and at least one scratching post that has at least one post with a bed cushion .



Letting your cat sleep with you is a very personal decision, but you should know that you really only have to be especially careful if the animal is sick . In this case, it is recommended that you have a bed, but it does not necessarily have to be in another room if you do not want to, unless it is a contagious disease, such as scabies.

My advice is that you sleep with your cat if you wish . From my own experience I can tell you that it is one of the best moments of the day (well, the night 🙂). I sleep with 2 cats, and sometimes another one joins. In winter I sometimes find one of them right in front of my face. See that there is room in the bed, well no, they have to sleep close to me. And happy. They are the best alarm clock that one can have , because they draw you a smile every morning. If you don’t believe me, we leave you with a video of cats who decided it was time to get out of bed:



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