Can my cat eat watermelon?

Sugary foods like fruits are mostly harmful to cats, but that doesn’t stop some cats from craving watermelon. Indeed, this fruit is one of the few which is not dangerous for the health of cats. However, although it is very rich and harmless to them, it is necessary to know when and how to incorporate it into your pet’s diet.

When and how to give watermelon to the cat?

Many believe that watermelon because of its acidity can be harmful to cats, which is far from true. For those who do not know, this fruit has a little sweet taste and contains a large amount of water. These are the two characteristics that make it an excellent fruit to give to your cat.

The ideal time to feed your cat watermelon is during the summer. You are of course free to give it to him at any time. No problem will arise until it becomes the staple food of it. However, the consumption of this fruit is more suitable for the heat period and we must not forget that the cat remains and remains a carnivore.

Thanks to its high water content, it will allow the cat to hydrate while feasting. You also have the option of giving the cat watermelon to purge it. To be more precise, it is by eating the bark of it that the animal purges itself. Unless you have herbs or cat plants to empty your feline’s gut, this fruit is a good option. In addition to being very effective, it prevents you from turning to toxic plants in the garden.

How to give watermelon to the cat?

First and foremost, keep in mind that your cat’s daily diet shouldn’t be based on fruit. It is therefore recommended to give it small amounts. They should be given as a treat or as a snack to the animal. When opting for watermelon, make sure you peel it well (separate the flesh from the skin). Then cut the flesh into small cubes after removing all the seeds. In addition, it is essential that the watermelon is organic.

The benefits of this fruit for my cat

It is not uncommon to find that many cats love watermelon. Yet their love for this fruit is nothing out of the ordinary. It is simply its high water content that attracts them. In fact, we generally find 91.45 g of water in a 100 g watermelon, which means that most of the fruit is water. The advantage here is that it allows the cat to quench his thirst and hydrate.

Watermelon is also high in fiber. If you didn’t know, fiber is an important part of a cat’s diet. If your cat is constantly constipated, it is very likely that the foods you are feeding them are not high in fiber. By giving him watermelon from time to time you will help him to overcome this disease.

If you are a lover of meadows and probiotics or if your feline is lacking certain vitamins, watermelon is also an option. Rich in vitamins A and C, it would be an excellent supplement in your pet’s diet. In addition, the potassium and magnesium in which it abounds make it a natural and healthy food for it. Some studies have also shown that it is very beneficial for the health of the bones and heart of the cat. This is because it contains lycopene carotenoid.

The risks for my cat?

It is essential to watch out for seeds when feeding watermelon to your cat. The seeds contain substances like cyanide, which is very dangerous for your feline. Thus, he may suffer from diarrhea and vomiting if he swallows a seed. In severe cases where he has ingested several seeds, a blood transfusion may be necessary.

The bark of the watermelon does not present any danger to the cat. However, it can be difficult for him to digest. Since cats are carnivores, they do not have the proper enzymes for the decomposition of certain plant substances. Which could lead to indigestion, bloating, etc?

It should also be noted that cats can suffer from diabetes. It is therefore important to pay special attention to the amount of watermelon you give it. It is the same for the frequency. Give it only occasionally.



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