Can my cat eat Tomato?

Like other pets, a cat’s diet should be given special attention. The good health of the latter depends a lot on him. For a balanced diet, the cat must consume a variety of foods, including certain fruits and vegetables. But not all of them are good for him. Is this the case with the tomato? Elements of the answer here!

When and how to give red tomatoes to cats?

Due to the natural predispositions of their digestive system, cats do not consume most plant foods. The reason is simple: the fibrous texture or the acidity of certain plants are indigestible to them. However, some fruits and vegetables such as red tomatoes may be safe. When should it be given to them?

When to give a cat a red tomato?

This vegetable can be introduced into the cat’s bowl in particular as a treat. Indeed, the latter is particularly fond of small attentions like all pets. If certain vegetables are not recommended, the red tomato, in its cooked form, is free of risks.

It is also ideal from the moment you notice a nutritional deficiency in your hairball. In the hot season, for example, the cat frequently suffers from dehydration. Due to its water content, red tomatoes will not only serve as a treat but will also hydrate your companion on legs.

Veterinarians are unanimous on this point: cats need certain vitamins and mineral salts for their nutritional balance on a daily basis. When deficiencies, such as vitamin A, affect the cat, it often suffers from eye pathologies. The red tomato is one of the vegetables that it is advisable to give him in these cases Its content in this vitamin makes the night vision of the feline optimal.

The moment you notice mood instability and abnormal reflexes in your cat, it’s time to take action. It is the sign of a dysfunction of the nervous system of the cat. Vitamin B intake is recommended. The red tomato is one of the vegetables containing this vitamin in good proportion.

However, it is necessary to keep an eye on the dosage, which should be minimal and careful. Seeking a specialist can be useful for this purpose.

In addition, when you happen to notice wear on your cat’s claws, opt for red tomatoes again because of its mineral contribution. Calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus are all necessary for healthy muscles and teeth.

How to feed a cat tomato?

As mentioned above, vitamins and minerals from plants must be carefully dosed. Indeed, they mainly play the role of nutritional supplements and cannot become predominant in daily intake. The introduction of a spaced manner in the bowl of cat is the best option because in excess, they are no longer beneficial.

Also, the red tomato can be incorporated into traditionally served foods such as croquettes for example. The precaution to take here is to cook the tomatoes before adding them to the cat’s food bowl. Cooking in fact improves the taste and texture of this vegetable, which can whet the animal’s appetite.

The other precaution is to take it gently and gradually so as not to put off the cat. Tomatoes have the advantage of being easy to combine with common dishes such as rice, cereals, meat and fish, croquettes… This guarantees a balanced and diversified diet, a guarantee of good health, for the cat.

The risks for my cat?

Although foods of plant origin offer the cat the means to enrich their nutrition, not all are good for the animal. This is the case, for example, with green tomatoes.

The tomato is a plant from the Solanaceae family. As such, it contains a characteristic substance which is solanine. This presents a real risk of intoxication for the cat if it ingests it. The solanine in question is a bitter toxin clearly identified as harmful to cats. Raw potato, garlic, and onion are listed as dangerous foods for the domestic feline.

It is well known that animals have a habit of purging themselves naturally by eating certain leaves. By mistake, a cat in a garden or vegetable patch can awkwardly eat tomato leaves. The toxicity of these leaves could cause serious damage to his health. This is the reason why cat owners are strongly discouraged from cultivating these plants.



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