Can my cat eat bread crumbs or sandwich bread?

When you decide to adopt a cat, you must remember to provide it with all the necessary care for its well-being. Apart from showing affection for him, it is important to pay attention to his diet. Indeed, there are many foods that are not recommended for this pet. What about sandwich bread or bread crumbs?

Can cats eat bread and crumbs?

Bread is made largely from wheat flour, but other elements are also part of its composition. These are basic ingredients like salt, yeast, sugar, milk, and butter. Depending on the type of bread that is prepared, it is of course possible to add other elements such as raisins, seeds, candied fruits, oats, or even chocolate.

In view of the different ingredients that go into making bread, there is no doubt that the food contains a significant amount of fiber, carbohydrates, and grains. There is also a large number of dairy products. While all of these are important to a human being, cats are not. When we analyze the nutrients essential for the well-being of cats and the elements that make up bread, we realize that this food has absolutely no benefit for the animal.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that the foods recommended for your companion contain very few carbohydrates. Quite the opposite of bread and crumbs. This is because carbohydrates have a negative impact on your pet’s health. It may happen that your cat is attracted to breadcrumbs. You can leave it while eating since most of these manufactured foods do not pose a great danger to the animal. Only that does not mean that the product is recommended or that the cat can consume it excessively.

If your pet is already used to taking it, you don’t have to suddenly change its habits, but reduce the dose considerably. Offer him bread under certain conditions. For example, you can choose to give him some if you want to reward him. If you feel the urge to please her at times, you can opt for a small amount of bread or crumb. It is also not forbidden to give it to him as a snack. The most important thing is to moderate the dose you give it.

Is bread safe for cats?

While cats are allowed to eat bread, uncontrolled consumption carries a lot of risks. Indeed, when these animals regularly eat this food, one of the first consequences is obesity. An evil that could trigger a series of other diseases in the species.

Apart from obesity, the animal can very well suffer from an excess of fat inside its liver by consuming too much bread and crumbs. He may also suffer from inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) as well as heart problems. The sugar contained in bread, in this case, sandwich bread sold in supermarkets, can also have serious long-term consequences on the health of the species. Regular consumption of this type of sugar indeed causes diabetes in animals.

In addition, in the list of risks of the consumption of bread by the cat, we find bloating. It is also possible that too much of the food causes your pet to have diarrhea. He can also develop certain allergies related to carbohydrates.

Keep in mind that your cat may eat bread or bread crumbs, but you shouldn’t give it all the time. Also, take care to control the dose. What your cat needs the most are very high protein foods. Also, regularly feed him foods that contain enough vitamin A or taurine.

It is an essential amino acid for cats. Choose foods containing a low amount of fiber. For more precautions, do not hesitate to see your veterinarian for advice regarding the diet of your companion.




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