Can my cat eat beans?

The cat is a pet that brings a lot of life to a home. When you have one, your first concern should be about its diet, which must be healthy and balanced. Numerous research confirms that vegetables, especially beans, are great stores of vitamins and fiber. Therefore, many cat owners wonder if they can introduce this food into their pet’s diet.

Do cats eat beans?

There are several types of beans available in markets and supermarkets. We can count in this lot, red beans, white beans, green beans, black beans, chickpeas, etc. One thing that is very common to these is that they all contain a large amount of protein. In addition, it is no secret that proteins are essential nutrients for the harmonious development of the human organism.

Cats, on the other hand, have a digestive system that is typical of felines, meaning that they are carnivores and their body has more ease in digesting food of animal origin. The fruits and vegetables are plant products that are not easily digestible for them. This is the reason why the latter is not often recommended in the diet of these pets. Beans aren’t poisonous to cats, but what should take your attention instead is how much you feed them.

It can not be otherwise, because, in high doses, you expose them to digestive stress and gas. It is therefore inappropriate to seek to replace your cat’s basic diet with these foods. However, you can occasionally add the beans to it for a good texture. To do this, you need to cook these legumes in order to remove any bacteria or infections from them. It should also be remembered that they should never be eaten raw, for fear of causing health damage to your cat.

Occasionally, incorporate only 15% beans in their daily ration. If your cat is crazy about it, watch it closely. If it starts with symptoms like dehydration and vomiting, you should stop. On the other hand, if you want to introduce this food into his diet, do it gradually and always observe his reaction.

In case you need to feed your pet beans, stay away from canned beans. This is because canned beans contain a significant amount of added salt. However, cats do not tolerate salt very well. The latter is likely to create serious health problems for them. If you’re keen on feeding beans to your cats, it’s best to make sure they don’t have any added salt. Better, you can buy the beans fresh and cook them without adding any salt.

The benefits of this vegetable for my cat?

It is well known that beans are packed with a high amount of fiber and vitamins. They are also known for their therapeutic virtues on health. When you feed it to your cat, you are helping it prevent certain diseases like obesity. The various antioxidants they contain are also excellent assets for reducing the risk of inflammation. Indeed, they strengthen the natural defenses of cats. It is therefore possible to see a cat that consumes beans defend itself better against different diseases.

Partially add this vegetable in your cat’s ration, it is also to spare him the risk of cancer as well as most of the ailments which undermine the daily life of many cats. In addition, they are excellent sources of protein. It should be noted that proteins are also very important for the well-being of these felines, whether they are provided by meats or by legumes. They are even the most important part of a cat’s diet.

So you don’t need to completely remove them from their diet. Also, we find in beans, substantial amounts of vitamin B6, magnesium, and iron. As you know, vitamin B6 reduce fatigue and boost the immune system.

In short, beans are very beneficial for the health of your cat, when they are provided in minimum quantities. So do not hesitate to introduce it into their diet. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to call your veterinarian to know exactly how much to give your cat.



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