Can my cat eat avocado?

Like the dog, the cat is one of the animals most domesticated by man. If the first is appreciated for its loyalty, the second is a very cuddly companion. In reality, the cat is a carnivorous animal. In principle, therefore, he consumes meat and similar products. Nevertheless, cats have a fragile organism. Therefore, care must be taken to exclude certain foods from their diet. Among these, we find the lawyer. This fruit is indeed a formidable danger for your animal.

Why shouldn’t I give my cat avocado?

Avocado is harmful to many animal species, including cats. When the latter consumes avocado, he is exposed to a risk of intoxication. The fruit itself as well as its components (stone, skin, leaf) are dangerous for him. This toxicity of avocado to cats is due to the fungicidal toxin of which it is composed. This is the persine.

This is a liposoluble compound whose structure is similar to that of fatty acids. It allows the avocado tree to defend itself against possible fungi. The relatively low content of this toxin makes it harmless to humans. On the other hand, it is likely to cause allergies to your cat.

Animals with such allergies show symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, dyspnea, coughedema as well as listlessness. The dose of avocado that can cause digestive problems in cats has not been precisely determined. However, heavy consumption can be fatal.

The dangers of avocado for cats

The disorders that the consumption of avocado causes to the body of the cat can manifest itself in several forms.

  • Digestive disorders

With digestive disorders, your cat may show symptoms such as regurgitation (stomach or esophagus contents back into the mouth). He may also have vomiting attacks and be reluctant to eat, hence the weight loss. Diarrhea, constipation and abdominal pain are all ailments to which your favorite animal is exposed.

  • Breathing difficulties

A cat experiencing difficulty breathing may exhibit symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, snoring and choking. However, if these disorders result from the lower respiratory tract, they are manifested by coughing, shortness of breath and respiratory distress.

  • Cardiovascular disorders

Cardiovascular problems often manifest as sudden severe difficulty breathing. It can also be a sudden paralysis of the two hind limbs. The second symptom is usually due to the formation of a blood clot that blocks the iliac arteries. In addition, it also bears the name of Feline Aortic Thrombo-Embolism.

What if my cat eats it?

If your cat accidentally consumes avocado, know that you can always avoid the worst. The most important thing is knowing how to react to these kinds of situations. Above all, don’t panic and avoid at all costs making him swallow substances over which you have no control. The first reaction you should have is to call the vet or go to his office.

He is an animal expert and knows what to do to care for your cat. If your animal has a specific history, you are encouraged to communicate it to the veterinarian so that he can adopt the appropriate treatment. In addition, if the vet is slow to come or if he is too far from your home, you should try to make your cat vomit while waiting.

This will allow the food to come out before digestion. If you can’t, the other possible solution is to give her dewormer. This medication will delay or even eliminate the action of the parasites responsible for its intestinal lesions. You would thus have succeeded in alleviating his ailments while waiting for the vet to come and take care of the rest. However, take the necessary precautions not to rush your animal.

The cat is an animal that may require a special diet. He can be very temperamental and demanding when it comes to his meals. By providing him with everything he needs, it would prevent him from touching everything he sees in your kitchen. If you are the type to share what you eat with your little feline, you should avoid certain foods such as avocado. Its consumption may harm it. If this happened accidentally, don’t panic! Make the right decisions and everything will be fine.



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