Can my cat eat a banana?

Having a cat can be pure happiness, but taking care of it turns out to be a task that should not be taken lightly. You must, first of all, think about his diet which is one of the essential factors for his well-being. Being carnivorous, the latter’s digestive system has an easy time digesting animal products. As for products of plant origin, they are generally difficult to synthesize by the body. However, to a certain extent, you can include certain fruits in his diet that are not dangerous for him. Among these, can we mention the banana?

Do cats eat bananas?

It is no secret that the cat is a mammal that belongs to the feline family like the lion, tiger, and panther. This induces the idea that the cat is a carnivore which must a priori have as a basic diet, a diet composed of meat. However, this does not mean that the cat does not like fish. However, to ensure the good health of your pet, you must provide them with a balanced diet. This diet undeniably involves the intake of animal proteins and some minerals.

Obviously, you need to educate yourself on foods that are harmful to his health to keep them out of his reach. In the list of these prohibited foods for cats are fruits. Indeed, the fruits are difficult to digest by cats. This is the reason why some veterinarians classify them among the prohibited to cats. However, they may occasionally consume a small number of certain fruits that are harmless to them. Bananas are basically a fruit that contains a significant amount of sugar.

Even if the taste is pleasing to the cat, you should keep it as far away from this fruit as you can. Otherwise, you are exposing him to possible severe diarrhea. The high-fat content of bananas is also likely to cause pancreatitis in your cats. Another danger that appears in this list of drawbacks is intestinal trouble. Symptoms like vomiting and dehydration can punctuate the lives of cats who consume bananas in large quantities. However, when they are brought in small quantities, they have unsuspected benefits for your feline.

The benefits of this fruit for my cat

From what we know, bananas are not very beneficial for your cat. It is true that they contain nutrients essential for the proper functioning of the human organism, but cats are not omnivores. However, you can take advantage of the nutrients and vitamins they contain to fill the gaps in your cat’s staple diet.

To do this, you can incorporate an almost insignificant amount of cooked bananas into their daily diet. This will add a more pleasant texture to his meals. An alternative is to cut the bananas into small portions, to satisfy your pet’s gluttony. Always to obtain a nutritious result and not harmful for your animal, make sure that they are of quality. Moreover, this food is rich in potassium. If you are concerned about the proper functioning of your pet’s kidneys, this fruit will do him a lot of good. In addition, it promotes a good concentration of its muscles and potassium is essential for good cardiovascular health.

In addition, if your cat is overweight, the banana will make him feel full, which will decrease his desire to eat. Also, keep in mind that you should not replace your cat’s basic diet with bananas. If you want to include it in your food ration, do it sporadically, because it has too high a concentration of sugar and carbohydrates. It is therefore necessary to rigorously check its quantity.

Bananas are highly harmful foods for your cat if taken in large proportions. You, therefore, have no interest in forcing your animal to take it. If on the other hand, he likes this fruit, try to reduce its quantity as much as possible at the risk of causing damage to his health.

Adding bananas is one way to meet a cat’s nutritional needs. The digestive system of your animal responds better to the carnivorous diet, you must introduce it carefully and in very low doses. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian.


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