Can my cat drink milk?

Like all mammals, the staple food of all small animals is milk. Cats are no exception to this natural rule. So, let’s take a look at the realities of feeding these little felines.

Can cats drink milk?

The first thing to remember is that kittens are milk-fed by their mothers. The answer is therefore unequivocal. Cats can consume milk. However, those who are already in adulthood can only consume it in limited quantities, as the overdose can have adverse effects on their health. The complication that is linked to this consumption arises from the fact that when cats grow older the organism of cats no longer produces lactase enzyme as during the period when they are breastfed by their mother.

Thus, they tolerate milk less and less. There is then a problem of digestion. The cat may have episodes of diarrhea, constipation, and many other symptoms. Milk feeding your adult cat is not necessary if you are already providing him with a healthy and balanced diet.

Why do cats like milk?

The most shared theory about cats’ love of milk is that of going back to childhood. The consumption of milk is for them a memory of the period of breastfeeding. Some animal behaviorists say cats are not attracted only to foods known to be good for them.

Beware of your cat’s allergies and intolerance

Despite all the enthusiasm they show, some cats may be intolerant to milk. The most common are those caused by lactose. Other cats are allergic to milk proteins. The best thing to do is therefore not to give it to him. If the cat tolerates and digests milk well, it is important to ensure the amount consumed per day. It is therefore recommended by veterinarians not to exceed forty centiliters per day.

For signs of allergy and intolerance, the cat should be observed and symptoms such as:

  • redness;
  • itching;
  • digestive disorders;
  • and diarrhea.

To limit any risk of intolerance, you must give your cat plenty of water. This will decrease the formation of urinary stones and will keep it healthy. However, the amount of water to give will vary depending on your cat’s weight. It is generally around 150 to 250 milliliters per day.

How to feed an orphan kitten?

Collecting and feeding a kitten requires a set of important precautions that must be taken. The first step is going to a veterinary consultation. The objective is to check his general state of health. The veterinarian will give you the advice to take good care of it and especially the food indicated for its good growth.

The ideal for a kitten is to be fed on its mother’s milk. It is, therefore, necessary to find for the orphan kitten a cat that accepts it in its litter. If necessary, a diet adapted to the age of the kitten must be chosen. The first alternative is bottle feeding. This method follows fairly strict rules regarding what type of milk to give and how often. It is important to never give cow’s milk to a kitten. The composition of this milk is unsuited to the needs of his body. This can quickly lead to serious digestive complications.

The formula is the best formula for the kitten. It is available in specialized surfaces. For the frequency of administration, give a bottle to drink every two hours until the kitten is twenty-one days old. As soon as he has reached five weeks, it is necessary to reduce the number of bottles to three per day.

When the kitten is three weeks old, it is recommended to provide it with a bowl of wet kibble specially designed for kittens. This will help him discover solid foods. The croquettes can be alternated with the kitten food. Also, milk feeding should stop at the age of six months, but now is not the time to feed it like an adult cat. It is only from nine months that the diet can change because the cat will have already reached its adult size.

For the good health of your feline, you must follow his diet closely, but also choose the appropriate foods for his well-being and good growth.


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