Can it be a vegetarian cat?

In recent times we can witness how animals that are destined for human consumption are treated. The cruelty to which many, if not the vast majority, are subjected is causing many of us to become vegetarian or vegan, or to restrict our consumption of meat. But what about our cat? Can he do the same?

The truth is that the diet that a feline must follow is different from what we can follow. While Homo sapiens is an omnivorous animal, that is, it can eat everything, the feline cannot. Therefore, when we ask ourselves if it can be a vegetarian cat, we have to know that the answer is no for the reasons that I will explain below.

Can cats be vegetarian or vegan?

Felines are carnivorous animals . Their body is designed to make them perfect predators. The cats that we have at home have a sense of hearing capable of hearing the sound of a mouse from 7 meters away; His eyesight, although not very good during the day, at night is able to distinguish details unlike us, who see nothing; Their legs allow them to get as close as possible to their prey without their noticing, and they also have a jaw capable of breaking small bones and tearing flesh.

Therefore, it is completely normal for cats to reject vegetables and fruits, as they do not need them.

How come there are vegetarian feed for cats?

They exist because there is demand for these types of products . These are not made with ingredients of animal origin, but are said to provide all the nutritional needs that cats require. In any case, before giving it to our friend, it is highly recommended to consult with the vet , since we will surely have to use supplements and additives so that problems do not arise. In addition, every 2-3 months they should do a blood test, since this animal does not show symptoms of disease until it is usually too late, so it must be controlled.


For all that we have discussed, it will always be better to give him feed or homemade food that has especially meat. It is the only way to achieve excellent growth and development.


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