Can Cats Get Lice?

Lice are annoying parasites that tend to have especially the smallest of the house: children. Especially during spring, when summer approaches, it is very common for schools to announce the presence of these undesirable guests.

But can cats get lice? That is a very interesting question that we are going to answer right now.

What are lice?

Lice are parasites that do not have wings the size of fleas that feed on the blood of their victims . Although they do not transmit diseases, they are very annoying for those who have them, since they cause intense itching; not to mention how unhygienic they are and how fast they multiply. In fact, it is common that if there is a child or two with lice, others in the same class also end up having.

The problem can become so serious that all teachers throughout the school will recommend that parents treat their children with special anti-lice shampoos.

Can they affect cats?

Usually no . But if there is someone in a family who does, the safest thing is that the lice will land on the feline’s body to feed, too, on its blood. Fortunately, treating the human with the aforementioned shampoos such as putting a complete antiparasitic pipette (which is a small plastic bottle inside which is the antiparasitic liquid that eliminates and repels fleas, ticks, mites, lice and worms) you can easily fix the problem.


Lice and nits are parasites that none of us would like to have. When we are children, it is easy that we end up suffering from that intense itch that their bites cause. Let’s prevent our cats from having to go through that.



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