Can Cats Eat Tuna?

The tuna is a staple in many feed and wet cat food. But can cats eat tuna just like humans do?

Surely you have already noticed that your feline loves the smell and taste of tuna, insistently asking you to share it with him when you take it at home. If it were up to us, we would eat only tuna, although indeed, we know that we cannot.

Today we tell you if cats can eat natural tuna, canned tuna, and in what quantity. Find out what problems a cat that feeds mainly on this food can have, and the guidelines you should follow if you decide to reward your feline by giving him some of his favorite tuna.

Is tuna bad for cats?

Tuna is not a food that cats can eat on a regular basis, but it is not bad if we take it sporadically.

Keep in mind that the tuna that is most often consumed by humans is canned, a product that has been treated and has lost many of its natural nutrients. If cats were to eat only tuna, we could suffer a serious vitamin and mineral deficit that affects our health.

What problems can a cat have if it eats tuna?

The tuna for human consumption has been cleaned so that it does not have skin, bones, or entrails. In this way, many of the nutrients that cats need as part of our carnivorous diet are being eliminated.

If we eat too much tuna, to the detriment of other types of foods that are basic in our diet,

we can suffer from malnutrition, especially minerals such as iron and vitamin E among others.

Cats that consume a lot of tuna can have health problems such as feline steatitis that affects the quality of lipids found in their body, problems with loss of balance, neurological failures, lack of calcium, iron or sodium, and even poisoning by mercury.

Can I give my cat tuna?

Although tuna is not the most recommended food to give your pet, you can reward him from time to time if he asks you for it. It is better to give fresh or canned tuna, especially for cats, although you can also sometimes give canned tuna for human consumption.

Of course, always in very small quantities, and infrequently, always combining your cat’s diet with a complete feed that is of good quality, and wet food adapted to the needs of your pet.



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