Can Cats Eat Tuna? Know more

How many times have you given a can of tuna to your cat who did not feel like eating his feed? I’m going to confess something to you: every time I make a salad or a tuna sandwich I always give them a little. They love.

In recent times we have been told that they only have to eat I think, but the truth is that this is not the case. And is that, if the feed was created during the Second World War, what did cats eat before? What they found: They either hunted rodents or ate what humans threw away. So can cats eat tuna?

The answer is yes, but in moderation . Tuna can have a high level of mercury, which in high amounts can be harmful to both felines and humans. Also, you should know that this fish by itself does NOT constitute complete nutrition for the cat.

In fact, if you just ate this, you would probably end up with a condition known as feline steatitis (yellow fat disease) caused by vitamin E deficiency. The main symptoms are fever, tenderness to touch, and loss of appetite.


A little bit of tuna won’t do you any harm; Moreover, when he is very sick and does not feel like buying something else, it may be very necessary to mix a little tuna with a can for cats or with homemade food so that he does not suffer from malnutrition. But you should never abuse.

A diet based on a single food causes weakness both in the feline and in any other animal including people. In order for them to grow properly and stay in shape, it is essential to give them a good quality diet (without grains or by-products), or to choose to give them homemade food.

This way your health will not be compromised.


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