Can cats eat ham? Here I explain it to you

The ham is made from pork. If you’ve never eaten ham before, your taste buds have missed an appetizing product.

Ham is delicious! and perhaps we believe that our cats deserve to have the gastronomic experience we had when we first ate a slice of ham.

By now, we already know that cats are strict carnivores and cats can eat pork . Ham is in the meat category.

So can I give my cat Serrano ham or York ham ?

In this article I will try to answer your questions, I hope it is so

Can Cats Eat Ham?

The short answer is yes, cats can eat serrano, York and turkey ham.

The ham could provide your cats with the necessary nutrients as carnivores that they are. Strict carnivores are animals that have meat as an essential component of their diet , for them it is a biological necessity.

That said, ham as a pork product is adapted to the needs of felines. The ham would give you an extra protein and vitamins.

Yes, I just told you that cats can eat Serrano ham and they sure do, but only in small or moderate amounts. With this, as a responsible cat owner, you will take care of their well-being.

Benefits for our cat of the consumption of ham

Ham, in addition to being a delicious product, offers a series of nutritional benefits that I indicate below:

  • Ham is a great source of protein, as it is obtained from animal meat. Our cats can get taurine from a slice of ham. Cats cannot produce their own taurine, so they need to have a reliable source for it.
  • Ham contains thiamine, which is one of our cat’s favorite nutrients.
  • Apart from this, ham is rich in riboflavin which serves as an antioxidant and promotes metabolism.
  • The ham also has vitamin B6 present, which plays an important role in the body of our cat.
  • Finally, it contains potassium good to prevent kidney failure among felines and some zinc that is beneficial for cats to have a healthy coat.

But, very importantly , what you should keep in mind is that the ham must be of quality.

Does ham hurt cats?

In the market, there are different types and qualities of ham. This means that it is difficult to generalize when talking about the benefits of ham. I can’t say that all the ham sold out there is healthy.

The truth is that a great deal of ham sold in the market is made with poor quality meat. This meat may contain antibiotics or unnatural or synthetic ingredients. It can also contain high levels of sodium.

The food we give to cats should not exceed 0.2% of its sodium content. Ham has a higher percentage of sodium. Sodium itself is not harmful to animals, but like humans, animals should not consume too much sodium.

You should also know that ham contains many preservatives. Among them potassium nitrate, which has received some negative reviews due to the problems it can potentially cause to human health.

But what are the health damages that ham can cause to our beloved pet?

Harms of serrano ham for your cat

  • Feeding your cats ham on a regular basis can cause hypernatremia. It manifests itself in cats suffering from high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disorders. It develops in the long term and it will be too late when you notice the symptoms.
  • Too much ham can also cause diarrhea.
  • Eating too much ham can lead to dehydration in your cat.  Ham contains a large amount of sodium causing excess thirst. So try to hydrate your cat to prevent this from happening. If you ignore this warning, your cat can suffer from kidney disease.
  • Ham contains a lot of unhealthy fat. This can cause some digestion problems.
  • The excessive intake of ham can lead to too much salt, which can cause an electrolyte imbalance in which symptoms include stumbling, frequent urination and a notable decrease in energy.

How to safely feed our cats with ham?

As I have indicated, cats can eat ham, but only as a treat or occasional food. The next question is, how do we prepare the ham so that our cats can eat it?

You should know that you can only feed your cat with small amounts of ham . This is very important information. You can cut the ham into small pieces. That way, it will be easier for them to digest the food.

Some cat foods taste like ham . This is a good alternative to substitute processed ham that is intended for human consumption. If you want your cats to taste ham and thus get the full set of nutrients they need, you can opt for this option.

Lastly, make sure to always prepare some water, as your cat will likely be thirsty afterward. As I told you before, ham has a lot of sodium. Consuming so much salt content will make your pet thirsty. So before he goes on the attack, be sure to stay one step ahead by providing him with a bowl of clean water.

Conclusion: cats and ham

To be clear: ham is not the healthiest meat choice for your cat.

Don’t feel bad when you eat ham and your cat can only chew a small piece.

Also, cats don’t appreciate a variety of foods as much as you think. There is nothing wrong with giving him the same food every day, as long as it contains the proteins, vitamins and minerals that his body needs.

Bear in mind that too much ham can cause hypernatremia, diarrhea, dehydration, indigestion, vomiting, electrolyte imbalance, and negative impacts on your cat’s growth.

But if you really want to mix your diet with some ham, always remember this:

First, prepare your ham in small pieces to facilitate digestion. Second, you can always feed ham flavored cat food for a more nutritious meal. And finally, always have some water on hand when your cat is too thirsty for ham.




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