Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

What happens if a cat eats dog food? Is dog food safe for cats? Can you feed your cat dog food?

Before we get into the details here is a quick fact: most cats will not be tempted to try dog ​​food, much less eat it regularly.

Dog food is very different from cat food.

Cats should not eat dog food. Regular feeding of this food can be fatal.

Cats and dogs have VERY different nutritional needs. Dogs are omnivores, while cats are carnivores.

Therefore, canines and felines need different types of food to grow and thrive.


How and why is dog food bad for cats?

For starters, the ingredients found in dog food are in no way dangerous or unhealthy for your fur ball.

Dog food, however, does not cover the type and amount of nutrients that a cat needs to have an adequate diet.

Cats depend on vitamin B, A, C, taurine, healthy fats and acids, and lots of protein to survive.

Since their little bodies cannot produce these ingredients on their own, their food must offer many of these nutrients, otherwise they will remain malnourished and underdeveloped.

Sometimes cats need more vitamins and supplements, even if their diet is made up of well-balanced meals.

Of all the vitamins and acids found in cat food, the most essential are vitamin A and the amino acid taurine .

Dogs can produce them on their own, but cats need them as additional supplements to their diet.

They are vital for a feline and without them your cat can develop various heart diseases.

A simple explanation: Risks and consequences

Here’s the short answer: dog food lacks enough vitamins, protein, meat products, and taurine.

By eating dog food your cat will suffer in many unpleasant ways that affect its coat, eyesight, metabolism, kidneys, reproductive system and heart.

Without a well-balanced diet consisting of special cat food for babies, adults, senior cats, or exotic breeds, your kitten will remain malnourished and prone to dangerous diseases.

In addition to all this, your indoor cat needs much more food than the wild cat, as the wild one will probably supplement its food with mice and other small animals, as it has survived until now.

Another reason why dog ​​food is bad for cats is a lack of moisture .

A dog can feel dehydrated, so if the food is a little dry, he drinks. A cat’s feeling of dehydration is not as developed, so he may not realize that food is dehydrating him and he may suffer the consequences.


How to make my cat drink more water?



Your cat’s wet canned food offers enough moisture to keep a kitten’s body well hydrated, whereas dog food is simply not designed to meet a cat’s daily water intake requirements. And dehydration can lead to many health problems.

In addition, cats also need special diets depending on their breed and age. For example, exotic cats like the Sphynx have different nutritional needs than other breeds like the Maine Coon.

Lastly, the flavor factor.

Cat food is designed to taste better, richer, and more complete than dog food. Therefore, your cat will not be tempted to try your dog’s food unless he is very hungry.

However, many cats may feel the urge to taste food out of curiosity or revenge. So what will happen if your kitty eats dog food?

If it is an isolated time, your cat will not be affected at all.


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