Can Cats Eat Cheese?

Can Cats Eat Cheese? What kind of cheese can they eat and how much?

Don’t be fooled by the famous images of cats drinking milk. It turns out that cow’s milk isn’t really that good for cats. In fact, cats are more or less lactose intolerant because their digestive systems are not capable of producing enough enzymes to properly digest cow’s milk . But does that lactose sensitivity extend to cheese? Can Cats Eat Cheese?


Can Cats Eat Cheese?

In small amounts, cheese made from pure cow’s milk is safe for cats . Cheese is not a healthy part of a cat’s diet … but it is not a dangerous food either .

So why is cheese unhealthy for cats? Consider the aforementioned lactose sensitivity. Most cheeses have cow’s milk and this is difficult for kittens to digest.

Cats become lactose intolerant after weaning , so any dairy, such as cheese, should be offered only in moderation.

Can cats eat non-cow cheese?

But can cats eat cheese made from something other than cow’s milk? Goat’s milk is a little easier for cats to digest , so goat cheese is a slightly better choice as food for your cat.

Can cats eat cheese as a treat?

So can cats eat cheese, even in small amounts, perhaps as a treat? Small amounts of cheese are safe for cats and can be helpful if you need your cat to do something he doesn’t like to do, like take medicine.

Always check with your vet before feeding your cat this way, but with most cats you can hide a lozenge in a small amount of cheese.


What types of cheese should cats not eat?

So the answer to “Can cats eat cheese?” It seems like it’s safe to share some cheese with your cat on occasion. But are there types of cheeses that you should not share with your cat?

Cat owners should avoid feeding their cats blue cheese . The good news is that blue cheese is a type of cheese that is not likely to appeal to most cats.

Softer cheeses are best suited. The more flavor the cheese has, the more you should avoid sharing it with your cat.

Quantity is also a big concern when it comes to giving your cats cheese. If you give your cat cheese, only give a very small amount.

Side Effects of Cheese in Cats

Since cheese contains lactose, it can affect some cats with harmful side effects, mainly gas and diarrhea . Because cats are lactose intolerant, some cats will experience dietary discomfort from cheese.



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