Can Cats Eat Cheese? is it safe for cat?

Have you ever wondered if cats can eat cheese? It is normal. And it is that they take so much affection that they want to pamper them, not only caresses and kisses, but also giving them food that we do not usually give them.

To know the answer to that question, I invite you to continue reading this article. This way you will know if it is good or not to give them cheese, and if so, how much you can.

Can they eat cheese?

Cheese is derived from animal milk, and there are no adult cats that drink milk in the wild / natural state . In fact, the intake of this food is only necessary, and vital, for newborn kittens until more or less the month of life. They can continue to drink from time to time up to three months if they are lucky enough to be with the mother, but once they eat cans or I think to drink milk it becomes optional.

Starting from here, cats are not that they cannot eat cheese, it is that they do not need it . Also, it is important to know that if they are lactose intolerant, they could get diarrhea if they eat it.

What is lactose?

Lactose is the sugar in animal milk . When the kitten is a baby, it can digest it without problem because its body produces a sufficient amount of lactase, which is the digestive enzyme responsible for digesting said sugar. But as it grows, lactase production decreases, which is what ends up causing intolerance in many cases.

The cat, as a carnivore, must feed only on meat. Dairy is not part of your diet; so they do not require lactase.

But can they be given cheese or not?

It will depend on whether you are tolerant or not . To find out, the only thing to do is give her a piece of cheese or a little milk, and wait and see. If you start to have gas and / or diarrhea, then we will live with a lactose intolerant furry.

In the event that you do not have any symptoms, we can give you a piece from time to time, three or four times a week for example, but no more.

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