Calicivirus virus

The Calicivirus Felino , is a virus that causes a respiratory disease that can range from mild to very severe. It is characterized by respiratory symptoms such as pneumonia, oral ulcerations and occasionally arthritis can also occur. Although it is a fairly mild type of flu and rarely causes serious complications, at the first symptoms of the virus it is advisable to visit the vet.

The most common symptoms that serve as a wake-up call are the following:

  • Oral ulceration
  • Red and inflamed eyes.
  • Loss of appetite, because the nasal passages are blocked and the sense of smell is inhibited.
  • Fever, in some cases.

But what are the causes of this virus ? The Calici virus spreads very easily between the same cats, either because one of them sneezes, because it is consumed from the same food or water bowl of an infected cat or by using the same bed or blankets of a cat infected with this disease.

The illness can last from 1 to 4 weeks, and although in most cases cats recover satisfactorily, there are some that do not. Small kittens, above all, may be the ones that are most affected.

When taking your pet to the vet, a diagnosis will be made based on your cat’s symptoms and medical history. The treatment consist of antibiotic therapy to prevent secondary infections.

It is also very important that you begin to take special care with your pet, such as: ensuring that he eats properly, even if he suffers from lack of appetite; use humidifiers, vaporizers and inhaler therapies to keep your pet’s nostrils uncovered; and also keep your pet’s eyes and nose clean and lubricated at all times.


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