Burns in cats

It is very rare that our cat gets burned , although we know that it is very curious, it is strange that it is exposed to the danger of a burn. In the event that it does happen, its thick fur will protect it if it is burned with boiling water, hot oil or a fire in the kitchen.

In the event that it burns you should immediately consult with your veterinarian.


We’ll give you some tips for the first few moments after it’s burned:
Ice it using a bag or a treat soaked in cold water. Never apply butter or skin creams.
Place the ice on the burn.
You can apply petroleum jelly to his wound . Try to cut the hair around the injured area, if your cat allows it.

In the event that the cat has been burned by chemical products, the essential thing is to wash its wound immediately. Diluted sodium bicarbonate or vinegar solutions have the ability to neutralize the effects of acids.

If the burns are caused by an electric shock , which can be generated if the cat bites a wire, it may have burns on the tongue or in its mouth, in these cases it is essential that it be checked by your veterinarian to avoid subsequent disorders.

Keep in mind that a strong shock can be fatal to your cat.



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