Burmilla the cat. Discover the characteristics of this breed of cats

When it comes to buying a purebred cat, you need to weigh your decisions carefully. The first thing to do is study the different breeds to find one that has the traits you are looking for.

If you want a cat that is attractive, neither too big nor too small, and that has a wonderful personality and temperament, you should consider the Burmilla cat. This cat is beautiful, very affectionate, and easy to care for.

The Burmilla cat owes its name to  two cats that were crossed to give it origin: the Burmese and the Persian Chinchilla.  This cat is also known as the silver cat and is very popular as a pet in homes around the world.

If you want to know more about this breed, read below.

Burmilla breed history

E l Cat Burmilla originated in the UK as a result of an accidental mating. The parents of the breed are a male Persian Chinchilla, Jemari Sanquist, and a Burmese, Lilac Faberge.

Both cats belonged to Baroness Miranda Von Kirchberg. In September 1981, Faberge had her first litter of four kittens in bright, uniquely colored coats. The baroness realized the beauty and potential of these kittens and decided to keep them. He named them Galadia, Gemma, Gabriella, and Gisella.

The baroness started a breeding program using these four kittens as breeding animals, crossed them with Burmese, and the characteristics of the breed were maintained.


The Cat Association of Britain (CA) admitted the Burmilla breed in 1983, and a year later the Burmilla Cat Club was born in England. But it will still take ten years until in 1984 the International Feline Federation (FIFE) accepts the Burmilla breed, but the TICA only recognizes it as “Advanced new breed”.

Burmilla physical characteristics

The Burmilla is a medium-sized cat with an athletic and muscular yet graceful body. The rounded top of the head is balanced with a blunt wedge muzzle and a firm chin.

The eyes are large and luminous in different shades of green . The eyes are outlined in black and appear to be painted with eyeliner. The overall appearance should be something like a Burmese, but with a sweeter and more open expression.

The general appearance should be something like that of a Burmese, but with a sweeter and more open expression. Its distinguishing feature is its shiny silver coat and its peculiar “makeup” that covers the nose, lips and eyes.

The males of the Burmilla are slightly larger and weigh between 5 and 7 kilograms, the females are smaller and weigh between 3 and 5 kilograms. They need high-quality food to fuel their athletic bodies. This breed has the ability to self-regulate the amount of food it needs. Therefore, you have a lower risk of developing obesity.

Their legs are thin and of medium size. The tail is also of medium length, it is neither too thick nor too thin. It should reach your shoulders when curled over your back.

The head of the Burmilla is quite large and shaped like a triangle. Its muzzle is quite short, but large. Their ears are medium in size, larger at the bottom and then rounded at the tip.

The eyes are large and well-spaced on its head. They should slope towards the nose and be rounded at the bottom.

Burmilla cat fur cape

The Burmilla cat has a short-haired coat, and has practically no fur coat. Its fur is fine and soft. It is generally silver or gold in color , although all other coat colors are acceptable except white.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Burmilla is that a second color is visible at the tips of the coat, which can be blue, chocolate, black, lilac, red or cream.

Burmilla Cat Personality Traits

The Burmilla cat inherited the nature of the Burmese cats and the temperament of the Chinchilla Persian. Combined, these traits create a very family oriented great cat.  It is a kind, loyal, affectionate and playful breed, retaining its playful nature until adulthood.

However, the Burmilla is not a very energetic breed, therefore you will need to stimulate your cat to become active from time to time.

It is a breed that likes to be with its owner . Therefore, it should not be left alone for long periods of time.

When meeting new people, the Burmilla can be shy at first, but is usually  sociable with home visits , and with the mischievous little ones in the house.

os Burmilla cats are quiet, very peaceful . His great intelligence and cunning stands out, he quickly learns tricks and is able to communicate with his family through meows.

The Burmilla is a very adaptable breed, they adapt to the needs of their owners. For people with less active lifestyles, a Burmilla will make a perfect lap cat. On the other hand, if you prefer to play, the Burmilla will quickly become your playmate.

Potential health problems

The Burmilla is considered a generally healthy breed. However, like any other cat, it can be affected by some health problems, so you better know that it can develop the following possible problems:

  • These cats can develop allergies. They can be related to the environment or food. Symptoms can include itchy skin, ear infection, diarrhea, or vomiting, among others. The food-allergic cat should be fed a diet suitable for cats. You should also keep your house clean. Therefore, minimize the effect that environmental allergens have on your cat.
  • Polycystic kidney disease:This is an inherited condition that causes cyst formation in the kidneys. As cysts get larger, they can disrupt kidney function and cause  kidney failure .  There is no specific treatment for this condition. The therapy used revolves around treating the symptoms of kidney failure.

Life expectancy of the Burmilla

The Burmilla cat has a lifespan of 10-15 years . However, with proper care, this breed can live up to 20 years. To keep your cat healthy, take him to regular vet checkups and don’t forget about the scheduled vaccination. This cat is best kept indoors only.

Grooming and care needs

The Burmilla cat  is quite easy to keep , it does not need special care. It is important to always give these cats a quality diet adapted to their needs , as well as to prevent them from leading a very sedentary life. Giving your cat a good diet and exercise will promote good health and vitality.

The amount of grooming a Burmilla will need depends on whether you have a short or long haired Burmilla . Both should be brushed or groomed regularly, but if you choose a long-haired cat, be sure to groom her more often to keep her hair down and avoid dead hair.

It is also important to brush your cat’s teeth regularly. This will help prevent tooth decay and other oral health problems.

Compatibility with children and other pets

The laid back and loving Burmilla cat is an excellent choice for households with children . Always curious and friendly, he will involve all children in his fun games.

This is a sociable breed that likes company and gets along well with other dogs and cats. This breed remains an eternal child and enjoys playing even as an adult. Buy toys to get your cat moving. Try to spend at least some time every day playing with your cat.


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