Burmilla Cat Breed

Burmilla Cat Breed

Burmilla cats have the Burmese temperament, curious and friendly. Accompanied by the impressive silver color and sloping markings of the Persian Chinchilla, with a sweeter and more open expression.

They are sweet and affectionate as well as mischievous, funny and at times somewhat independent. A whole breed that you will never get bored with. Do you want to know all its details? We tell you.

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Characteristics of the Burmilla breed

We are facing a medium-sized breed that stands out for its beautiful physique, also bearing eyes that will not leave anyone indifferent due to its deep green color.

English origin
Medium size
Weight from 3 to 5 kg in males and females
Medium-sized, shiny and silky hair.
Black, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, beige or apricot color .
Rounded head
Medium to large ears with slightly rounded tips, sloping forward
Large eyes, in multiple shades of green
Narrow tail with rounded tip
Estimated longevity of 7 to 12 years
Difficulty caring for it low


What is the Burmilla cat’s temperament like?

The Burmilla is an irreverent and independent cat that adores its owner and shows many puppy characteristics even in adulthood. The temperament of this breed is quite exceptional.

The demanding and mischievous nature of the Burmese, mixed with the calm and laid-back personality of the Persian Chinchilla, makes the Burmilla sociable, playful, and affectionate . Fun loving, yet calm and gentle, this sweet-natured cat gets along well with children and other animals.

Bring together aspects of Burmese and Persian in one sweet and friendly package. He is quietly loving and gentle, but more outgoing than the typical Persian. He is adventurous but a bit clumsy.

Burmillas remain playful into adulthood . They love their people, and they don’t demand too much attention. However, they really enjoy the rides available. It copes well with family life with cat-friendly children and dogs.

He can learn tricks, enjoys interactive toys, and loves the attention he receives from children who treat him with courtesy and respect.

How is the health of the Burmilla cat?

They do not have specific health problems, although being their breed of recent creation, it cannot be guaranteed that they will not develop some problems in the future.

Maintaining its vaccination schedule and providing it with a good diet and care, in addition to the pertinent veterinary examinations, you could say that it is a very healthy breed.

Burmilla breed history and fun facts

The Burmilla is a new breed that honors cats, its origin dates back to just over 30 years ago. Baroness Miranda Von Kirchberg is said to have originally purchased a male Persian Chinchilla, named “Jemari Sanquist”, as her husband’s pet. Shortly before he was castrated, he accidentally came across a precocious lilac Burmese female, “Bambina Lilac Fabergé”.

At one point, when a caretaker inadvertently left the door open for Fabergé, he was able to escape and mate with Sanquist, thus producing Burmilla’s first litter.

The result of this unplanned mating produced such attractive kittens that they quickly won the hearts and homes of those who saw them.

Four females born on September 11, 1981, with thick short hair, and silvery black color, so attractive that a repeated mating took place and from there a new breed was formed.

The Burmilla is recognized by the British Cat Fancy Governing Council and the International Federation of Felines of Europe. The breed entered the Miscellaneous Class of the Cat Fanatic Association in February 2011.


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