Burmese with Burmese origins

The Burmese breed , from Burma, has its origins in the United States, however currently it has evolved to the point of being two breeds with different categories. Do you want to know how they have evolved?

In the early 1930s, a hybrid Siamese female named Wong Mau was brought from Rangoon, Burma (now Myanmar) to the US and interbred with a Siamese seal . Some of the resulting kittens were dark brown, forming the beginnings of the pedigree Burmese . The breed was registered in 1936, and in 1952 it was recognized in the United Kingdom.


Since then the breed has evolved to slightly different standards on each side of the Atlantic, so there are different categories in many North American shows that separate Burmese from European-looking Burmese.


Although its genetic design is almost identical to that of the Siamese, the Burmese is much more compact , as it has not evolved towards extreme lines. In fact, it is closer in type to the early Siamese than to its contemporary cousins. The nose has a clear break. The head is round, with very full cheeks. The eyes are large, round, and yellow to gold in color.

The legs of the Burmese are well proportioned with clean, oval claws. The tail is straight, of medium length and tapers to a rounded tip. Those of American origin are more plump, which emphasizes their legs, slightly shorter than those of their European colleagues, who have a more angular profile as a whole and oval eyes.





Short, fine, shiny and close to the body, it needs little care to keep it in good condition.

Characteristics and temperament

The Burmese is cheerful and of sharp intelligence . He is active, curious and adaptable. However, he does not like to be left alone and can be tenacious. It is less noisy and expressive than other eastern breeds. He is playful as an adult, and needs a loyal family by his side. He is cheerful and of sharp intelligence. He is playful throughout his life.

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