Burmese Cat, What Is The Ideal Diet?

Adopting a furry means taking care of him at 360 degrees. In the case of the Burmese cat, here is the best food for their life needs

Adopting a four-legged means taking care of him completely. The Burmese cat to feel good, must follow a diet specific. In fact, the diet must take into account age, general health conditions and lifestyle.

Proper nutrition also helps prevent any diseases. It’s not just about pampering and moments of harmony, but also making sure that he is at the best of his possibilities.

This is why never skipping periodic checks at the vet, always boosting vaccines, applying pesticides and being followed by a nutritionist who takes into account the general clinical picture become fundamental practices.

The Life Expectancy Of The Burmese Cat

Usually, the health of this four-legged friend is good. Especially if he is looked after properly from the first months of life, it is probable that his life expectancy is respectable. In fact, it can live on average up to 15 years.

Unfortunately though, there are issues that have to be dealt with genetics which is good to know. The diet can also affect the pathologies of the Burmese cat. For example, to avoid obesity, it is important that you follow the advice of your trusted veterinarian.

The Character Of The Burmese Cat

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The temperament energetic and lively This four-legged friend not only needs a suitable home, with all the psychophysical stimuli to combat boredom and enforced sedentary lifestyle, but also needs a specific diet.

Every day, in fact, pets have to hire proteins, minerals, vitamins and fibre according to specific needs. We are also dealing with a particularly greedy feline that cannot manage itself independently. Doses and types of food must be our precise task.

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Diet-Related Diseases

Serious Burmese cat

Among the diseases of the Burmese cat it is no coincidence that there is obesity. A disease that must be avoided at all costs. As already mentioned, in fact, it is a condition that can put strain many organs vital. In short, it is certainly not a situation to be underestimated. It is essential that, regardless of whether you opt for a natural cat diet or not, Miao follows a healthy, balanced and low-calorie diet.

It’s also important that you do one proper physical activity. It not only serves to channel energies correctly and to safeguard a good state of mental health, but it also serves to keep weight under control.

Feeding The Burmese Cat

Athletic Burmese cat

In the light of what has just emerged, but it applies to the diet of any four-legged friend, it is important to stay pay attention to the types of foods and the doses granted to the one we consider an integral part of the family and who we want to be at the best of their possibilities.

As a rule, except for other indications which in any case must come from the trusted veterinarian (who also knows any previous clinical history and characteristics of the breed), an adult specimen must take from 40 to 50 grams of food for every pound of body weight.

These are general indications which must then be ‘adjusted’ on the basis of the health conditions and the type of life led by the four-legged friend in question. The ideal is that you eat twice a day, more or less always at the same time. Usually the specialist advises in the morning and in the evening.

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An option then is to leave a certain dose of croquettes always available during the day. The important thing is never to exceed the total daily doses. By doing this we ensure that our beloved Miao does not interrupt the hours of sleep and does not wake up in the middle of the night due to hunger. To facilitate the owner’s task, there are dispensers on the market that can be programmed in such a way that you can never go wrong.

Even if any tasty snacks, which can be a valid support during the socialization and training phase as a positive reinforcement, must be considered within the daily needs. And the types of snacks should be established with the vet based on the presence of any pathologies.

Foods That Cats Can Eat

A common mistake, especially if it is the first experience with a four-legged friend, is to think that what is good for us humans is also good for Micio. Nothing could be more wrong, considering that the digestive systems are very different and that certain substances felines cannot synthesize them well.

One of the first things to learn, in fact, are toxic foods for cats that must be absolutely avoided. Then, before introducing a new food, it is always a good idea to ask for the clearance from the specialist. Because each specimen has its own story and it is said that the general guidelines on the diet are not always valid.

The Burmese cat, and any other feline, must follow a diet mainly based on proteins of animal origin. In fact, it should never be forgotten that we are dealing with a carnivorous animal. On the other hand, foods with fibers and carbohydrates must be managed responsibly: one must never overdo it.

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The ideal meat for the cat is lean and fresh. Chicken, beef and turkey they can be administered according to the cat’s natural diet or through the ready-made and correctly balanced baby food available on the market. The important thing is knowing how to choose with knowledge of the facts among the many possibilities that the market makes available to quadrupeds and their bipedal masters.

With a suitably studied homemade diet, Micio can also take the offal, the heart and the lungs. They are foods with a high nutritional component and rich in vitamin B12. However, we must never resort to do-it-yourself or hearsay: the opinion of the veterinarian is not optional.

Nutritional deficiencies in fact, they can cause deficits that can have important far-reaching consequences. Our goal, on the other hand, is to guarantee an optimal quality of life for as long as possible so that we can be close to him for many years.

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