Birth control in cats

Cats are animals that from a very young age can have one or two litters a year, depending on the climate in the area where they live. This would not be a problem if your kittens could enjoy a good quality of life, but the sad reality is that there are many dangers on the streets, and even if they end up in a shelter or a home, luck will not always smile on them.

Therefore, I am going to talk to you about the importance of birth control in cats so that we can all do our bit and solve the problem of feline overpopulation by being respectful with animals.

Cats are very precocious

A healthy cat will be in heat for the first time between 4 and 6 months of age . For us, it is still a puppy, but the reality is not that. At that age you can have your first 1 to 12 puppies , and if you also live in an area with a warm climate (such as the Mediterranean), you will have 2 to 24 kittens each year.

Do you know how many of them will end up abandoned or in shelters? Practically everyone. You can do the test yourself: ask the people around you to see if they like cats and if they have any. It is certain that many will tell you no. So why don’t we control the birth of these animals?

How to control the birth of cats?

Feral cats

Too many cats already live on the streets that have been born and raised without human contact. However, we do not have to take them to live at home because otherwise what we will achieve is that they live frustrated, with anxiety and / or depression. Human dwellings are NOT good homes for these animals that all want freedom.

What we can do is take them, take them to castrate them and when they are recovered, release them. This is what is known as the CES method, and it is what is having the most success as it is a very effective way of controlling feline colonies.

Domestic cats

Cats that have had contact with humans since they were 2 months old and that continue to live with them to this day do not have to worry much about the dangers that are outside since we generally do not let them out. Still, accidents and / or misunderstandings happen, because we are human and not perfect machines. Therefore, the ideal is to castrate them before they have the first heat (5-6 months), in this way, we will also get them to be calmer.



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