Best Cat Trees 2021

A cat tree built with big cats in mind will have sturdy posts and a solid base. We have done the work of finding the best and highlighting what gives you the most for your money.

Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, climb, and love to sleep on ground level. Finding a cat tree for large cats can be a bit difficult. This struggle is compounded by the volume of cheap, low-quality cat trees that masquerade as sturdy and reliable.

Big cats need a cat tower that is durable and can handle the force of them jumping in and out of it with ease. The best cat trees for big cats are built with this in mind. A lightweight cat tree just won’t do the job.

The best overall cat tree


For a high-quality cat tree that is reasonably priced and receives rave reviews, you should definitely go for the Go Pet Club Cat Tree. This product has several levels where your cats can play and rest, as well as several areas to scratch.

The Go Pet Club cat tree is 75 x 40 x 141 cm. It is made of compressed wood, so it is nice and strong and is covered with a synthetic leather material. There are three levels for your cats to climb, as well as a ladder, hammock, rope for hanging, a hole for cubicles, and more. Additionally, several of the posts are wrapped with sisal rope to encourage cats to scratch. This cat tree requires assembly, but comes with step-by-step instructions and the necessary tools.

The vast majority of reviewers recommend this cat tree – it has over 2,000 5-star ratings! Users say that it is appropriate for cats large and small and that their pets love to sleep and scratch it. Also, you can beat the reasonable price.


  • Multiple scratching zones
  • Several relaxation areas
  • High


  • White color shows dirt easily
  • Non-removable fabric pieces
  • Big


According to one of our testers, the best parts about this cat tree was that it was tall and had “lots of different activity centers to keep a cat’s attention active, as well as plenty of places for them to rest when they sit the most. lazy”. . ”In terms of negatives, our testers felt that its off-white color and non-removable fabric pieces made it more susceptible to dirt and harder to clean. Also, one reviewer noted its large footprint: “If you have a small space, I would not recommend this cat tree,” he said.

Best high-end cat tree


If you’re willing to spend a little more on an attractive, high-quality cat tree, Vesper Cat Furniture’s V-High Base is the top-rated option. This high-end cat tree costs around $ 100, but it’s made of wood and comes with memory foam pads to keep your pets comfortable.

The Vesper V-High Base measures 57.2 x 17.2 x 27.9 cm. Its sturdy design is made from medium density fiberboard made from New Zealand pine for a sleek finish, unlike many other cat trees. The tree has three levels with rounded corners, including a cubicle where cats can hide. The holders are wrapped in string for your cat to scratch, and feature a cute hanging ball for them to play with. Finally, this product comes with removable memory foam cushions to maximize the comfort of your furry friends.

Reviewers write that this cat tree is sturdy, well made, and easy to put together. Several point out that it is roomy enough for larger cats and many users say they love that the product isn’t covered in unsightly carpet material.


  • Attractive design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cat enjoys using it


  • wobbly
  • Not very durable accessories
  • Big


One drawing of this cat tree was its modern design, according to one of our reviewers: “It is much more elegant than similar models,” he said. “It blends in with my furniture and is not an eyesore.” Our testers also found the instructions with lots of illustrations easy to follow. One reviewer also reported that his cat liked to use it, especially sleeping in the small box. On the other hand, one of the main concerns of our testers was that it was a bit wobbly and that its accessories were not very durable: ‘Within a few hours of use,’ he said, ‘my cat managed to hit one of the three balls of wicker attached to the rope that hangs from the top ”. Our reviewers also cautioned that you need to make sure you have room for this cat tree, it is quite tall.

The best tree for multiple cats


If you are the proud owner of two or more kittens, you need a spacious cat tree like the multi-level SONGMICS Large Cat Tree Condo Cat Tower. This complex multi-level tower is ideal for households with multiple cats, providing ample space for them to climb, romp, explore and play.

This is one of the largest cat trees you’ll find, measuring 90 x 60 x 156 cm. The tree is made from CARB certified boards and covered in a soft plush material that your cats will love. There are several platforms where the kittens can perch, as well as a cubicle hole, a rest tunnel, and a cozy bed on top. Several of the stands on this cat tree are wrapped with sisal to encourage scratching, and there is an additional scratching pad on top of the tree.

Reviewers write that SONGMICS Large Cat Tree is easy to put together and roomy enough for big cats to play comfortably. Some even say that their little dogs enjoy playing in the tree! Several note that the product is surprisingly light considering its size and most agree that their cats love it.


  • Four cats fit
  • Multiple scratching posts and accessories.
  • Cat bed


  • Bulky
  • Unattractive design
  • Big

This cat tree satisfied our testers because it had room for multiple cats: “Three or four cats can fit easily,” he said. One tester also liked that it had “several toys, several canes and scratching pads, a nice pillow, and” The downsides? ” It is quite a bulky product that takes up a lot of space, “noted one reviewer. One of our testers also thought it was not very aesthetically pleasing: “I don’t think it’s something you can have in your living room because it doesn’t look that pretty,” he said. ” The materials could definitely be nicer. “Best budget cat tree


One of the downsides to cat trees is that they can be quite expensive, often costing € 100 or more for complex models. However, you can still give your cat a play area on a budget thanks to the TRIXIE Pet Product Baza Cat Tree. This top-notch product is simple, but your cats will love to scratch and lie on it.

This cat tree measures 16 “x 20” x 16 “. The design is simple: there are two brackets that hold a cozy hammock. The hammock is covered in soft plush fabric that cats love to snuggle up to, and there is a metal edge for added support. The posts are wrapped in sisal string to encourage scratching, and there’s a pom pom dangling from one – your cats will love to swing it around! Some assembly is required, but most people agree that it can be put together in a few minutes.

The reviewers of this cat tree really like it, writing that it is sturdy and that their cats are happy to snuggle up in the hammock. Several even note that their fussy kitties use this cat tree after lashing out at other products.

Best tree for big cats


Some cat breeds, such as Maine Coons , are significantly larger than others, and if you are the proud owner of a large cat, you may be concerned that a normal cat tree is not wide enough for your pet. In this case, you should look to the Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed, a simple cat tree that reviewers say can accommodate even the largest indoor cats.

This cat tree has the following dimensions: 70 x 50 x 120 cm. The design is relatively simple compared to other products, with two perches where cats can hang out. The tree is covered with a high-quality mat material, and one of the supports is wrapped in sisal rope to encourage grip. Another great advantage of this product is that no assembly is required.

Reviewers agree that this cat tree works well for large cats, as it is roomy and sturdy. One happy user even notices that his 10 kg cat fits in the beds and loves to scratch the scratching post. If you have a large or overweight cat, this product is a must have!

The best-designed cat tree


One of the most common complaints about cat trees is that they are generally not attractive. Most are covered in boring beige fabric, and they can be an eyesore in an impeccably decorated home. However, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to keep your cats entertained when shopping for feline furniture, as this cat playpen is finished in a beautiful wood material.

The cat tree measures 19 ”  x 15″ x 28 “. It includes an »observation room«, a pole, a scratching pad and a hanging toy, all on a sturdy base.

One of the most common comments about this cat tree is that it is so much more attractive than the typical boring cat tree options. Reviewers say that the product is well made and that most cats enjoy climbing and hanging on the tree.

Best Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree


Most cat trees just sit on the floor, but if you want to encourage your cats to climb like they would on a real tree, you might want a floor-to-ceiling model. The floor-to-ceiling three tier Cat Craft cat tree stands impressive height.

This cat tree stands between 240cm and 288cm tall, and has an adjustable ceiling mount that keeps it in place while your pets play. The product has three stepped platforms, allowing the cats to climb to the top of the tree, and the entire design is covered with a smooth carpet material. One drawback is that there are no crosshatch areas on this tree. However, assembly is simple and can be done without tools.

Reviewers like that the Cat Craft Three cat tree is relatively narrow and can fit into smaller spaces. Most agree that their cats love to climb the platforms, saying that it is very durable, even for larger animals.

Characteristics to value in a cat tree


Cat trees come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from small one-level trees to complexes and sprawling jungle gyms. Depending on how big your home is and where you plan to place your tree, you may need a smaller or larger layout. Keep in mind that some cat trees are more vertical, while others take up more floor space.

Cat size

The best cat tree for your home often depends on how many cats you have and how big they are. It goes without saying that bigger cats need a bigger, sturdier tree. Also, if you have multiple furry friends, you’ll want a design that gives them ample space to play and rest.


Many cat trees include a variety of scratching posts and toys built into the design. If your cats have been scratching on furniture, you should definitely find a product with a built-in scratching post. If your cats are playful, find a model with dangling feathers or other accessories.

Benefits of trees for catsThe best cat towers and trees offer a host of benefits to your feline friends and can improve their overall health and quality of life.

They provide a safe place to play and a comfortable place to rest. Manufacturers are a long way from cats needing mental stimulation and physical activity to keep them happy, and most trees are built with this in mind.

Regardless of what you choose, the best cat tree for big cats should always have plenty of toys that encourage them to be active and lose weight in the process of playing.

Make sure you opt for a tree that will keep your cat entertained and comfortable.

Scratching posts are a boon for cat lovers who want their furniture to survive for more than a year or two. There is nothing more frustrating than finding the corners of your furniture smashed when you come home from work.

The urge to scratch and scratch is a natural instinct for cats that is often left unattended in most cat households. Any well-built cat tree or tower will feature a scratching post that is durable and will allow your cat to sharpen and hold its claws without damaging your beloved home. It is especially important for those with indoor cats.

Ramps and perches allow cats to get the vantage point they crave. I’m sure you’ve noticed your cat sleeping on top of furniture in the past, or even looking out of the upstairs window. Tall baskets and perches are great for giving them a sense of security during naps.

By improving the quality of life that cats have indoors, they create a closer bond between you and your cat, while promoting good health by nurturing natural instincts.

This is especially true for indoor cats, as it is difficult to provide an environment in which furniture can be climbed without the use of a tower designed for them.




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