Best Beds For Cats And Kittens

Beds for cats of all kinds , the best beds for cats at the best prices. Does your cat not use his bed? We teach you how to get it! You will find the most complete information on cat beds here. How to choose the right bed for your kitten? Why is a cat bed so important? What are the best cat beds? Keep reading! The best beds for cats

There are many different types of cat beds, and cats, whimsical creatures that they are, will like different beds for different, special and mysterious cat motifs. “Meow”

Choosing between so many different types of beds that are on the market can be confusing and tedious. That is why we have prepared this list with some recommendations of the best beds for cats .

Even if you don’t choose one from this list, it can help you get ideas to find that perfect bed that will make your cat love you even more.

Cat beds are often a headache. If your cat or cats look anything like mine, they will likely be allowed to sleep anywhere they want . Actually “allow” is not the correct word; It’s not like you can really stop a cat’s determination to sleep in a place it has already chosen.

If your cat likes to sleep on your bed, sofa, his favorite chair, or on top of clean towels in the closet, then why does he need a bed? . To begin with, cat beds provide them with a comfortable, cozy, soft and warm place, where they can stretch and cuddle during those 16 hours of beauty sleep. If you slept for two-thirds of your life, wouldn’t you want your nap to be as comfortable as possible? I thought so.

Aside from the problem of comfort and tranquility, cat beds can also help keep your furniture and carpets free of cat hair. Cat beds are also easier to clean than furniture; Have you tried putting the sofa in the washing machine !? If fleas are a problem where you live, a washable cat bed will really help you fight that horrible infestation.

One last reason why buying a bed for your little friend is that it is not only for them, it is also for you. You just can’t beat the “AWGHH” factor of a cat snuggling up comfortably in your little bed. It is a sight that softens my heart, no matter how many times I see it.

Should I buy my kitten a bed?

When most people adopt a cat, they are also in charge of buying them eating and drinking bowls, a litter box, a litter box, toys … One of the elements, which is often overlooked, is the bed, which can be as or even more essential than the rest of the articles .

You have at your disposal an almost unlimited variety of cat beds. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so you won’t have any trouble finding a bed that suits your kitty’s needs. Your cat will benefit from having her own bed and you will too .


Reasons to buy a bed for your cat

Cats love to sleep (Yes, more than you!)

Don’t worry, you are not overpaying him. A good bed for your cat makes sense. Sleep is one of the most important things in a cat’s life . On average, cats spend two-thirds of their life sleeping, this is twice what we sleep. So, if you worry about finding the best mattress for you; Are you not going to do the same for your kitten who loves you so much?

A cat bed helps with your routine

A good reason to buy a cat bed is to encourage the choice of a place to sleep , it is good for them. If you ever have to travel with your cat or move to another house, it is a good way for the cat to feel more at ease and better used to change, having something as important as its bedroom known. In addition, this way they are always able to find a comfortable and safe place, instead of having to search the whole house with the consequences that this entails.

For your comfort

Being comfortable when you go to sleep is essential to getting a deep and restful sleep . If you are not comfortable in your bed, it is difficult for you to fall asleep and it can also cause different pain and muscle tension. The same thing happens to cats. That is why you have to buy him a bed of a suitable size and shape, this will allow him to move freely, place himself in the position that is most comfortable for him and have sweet dreams.

Cats like to lie down in limited areas

If you put a folded towel on the floor, your cat will generally lie on top of the towel instead of on the floor, without needing to be shown it, this also happens if instead of a towel you put a simple sheet of paper. However, a sheet of paper or a towel does not provide much comfort. You want your site well defined, where the absolute king is .

Warmth and cushioning of cat beds

In relation to the aforementioned, the floor or even a towel can become a cold place for your cat, where it will be uncomfortable after a while and it will look for a hole in your sofa to solve it. A cat bed will provide warmth and cushioning . This is especially important and useful for older cats, sick cats, kittens less than one year old, and also for adult cats and female cats during the winter months.

Your cat’s territorial mentality

Cats are very territorial and like to have their own things. Your cat will love having his own bed. A place that he will understand as truly his , where he can feel protected and at ease for hours and hours and hours …

Just because your cat sleeps in other places doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his new bed with all his heart. Cats are incredibly impulsive and instinctive animals, which is why they often fall asleep anywhere when they are sleepy.

Save your furniture

Giving a cat his own bed will help you save yours. I am sure that all pet owners are familiar with the encounter of hairs on any furniture or any corner of the house , even in the most unlikely ones, such as inside a dirty laundry basket that is always closed.How did it get? there!? By having your cat his own bed, you will prevent (in part) from filling all your furniture with cat hair and dander.

If you already own or have owned a cat, you probably know what they like to scratch on bedding (or whatever they have on hand) while trying to get comfortable to sleep. A bed will prevent it from spreading those scratches that can pierce your sheets or your shirts.

Also, some cats can be a bit messy, and not all of them clean up as well as we would like after using the litter box. Having your cat have his own bed will keep potential damage away from your things .

EXTRA: So that he doesn’t steal your dog’s bed

What is the right bed for your cat?

At bedtime, cats are professionals . Sleeping an average of 16 hours a day (some even 20), our feline friends deserve to be a bit picky when it comes to choosing something that plays such an important role in their lives.

With the wide variety of bed shapes and sizes on the market, the first step is to consider the cat’s sleeping style . Do you tend to be quiet and look for a secluded nest-shaped spot at bedtime? If so, your cat will probably prefer a bed that provides more structure and security.

Para los anidadores, una cama con paredes altas o incluso cerrada por arriba como una cueva, puede ser muy apetitosa. Le proporcionará la paz y tranquilidad que busca. Si tu gato busca lugares recónditos para descansar, elige opciones que brinden seguridad y potencian esos sentimientos. Si por el contrario, a tu amigo peludo le gusta estirarse y rodar cerca de ti a la hora de la siesta, necesitas encontrar una cama más abierta.


La cama perfecta para tu gatito

Determining your cat’s sleep style is just the beginning ; Still later, there is a wide variety of bed sizes and styles to choose from. Some, like the Sleepypod , have the multipurpose bed and carrier function (for walking or driving). Some address specific health conditions for some cats, while others focus on location-specific use (such as hanging beds ).

There are many types of cat beds , both indoor and outdoor, beds with a roof, heated beds, window sills, orthopedic beds . If your cat, for example, does not like to be indoors and does not separate from his beloved garden, there are closed beds for all tastes, which are designed for outdoor use.

Some beds have fluffy covers, others are covered with an easy-to-clean fabric.

Taking the time to identify your pet’s needs, and buying a bed that meets them, will eventually mean sweet dreams for you and your kitty .

How to choose the right cat bed?

As we have already commented previously, you can find cat beds in infinite sizes, colors, shapes and materials. Your kitty won’t care about the color, so choose a color that suits your taste.

With all the styles on the market today, you should find one that matches your home décor and, above all, that is compatible with your cat and keeps it healthy and happy .

But among all these infinite possibilities, how are you going to know where to start when choosing?

Factors to take into account

– Size

Choose the correct size for your cat. Make sure it can stretch comfortably, but don’t buy a bed that’s too big. Cats generally feel safer and more comfortable in smaller, closed places. Weigh and measure your cat before you go shopping .

– Location

Find the place where you will put the bed before buying . This can influence the size and style you choose. Make sure to choose a color that you like, as it will probably be in plain sight. Very important to consider, if the bed is going to be indoors or outdoors, and if it is going to be hanging or on the floor.

– Easy to use

Factor above all, for those who have a baby kitten or an old cat. Choose a bed that is easy to get in and out of, the walls are low enough, or has a suitable entrance from which to access the interior.

– Characteristics

Does your cat have joint problems such as arthritis? It’s best to choose something with thick padding or memory foam . Some beds are heated, which is very useful for pets that get cold easily like the Egyptians, or if your house is in a cold climate place.

– Comfort

If the bed is not comfortable enough, your little friend will choose another place to sleep. Choose a comfortable bed and you will not have problems of that kind.

– Natural fabrics

Natural fabrics for lining and padding are best. This provides more comfort for your pet, and helps with some allergies . Natural fabrics include; cottons, wool, feathers and kapok. Hypoallergenic synthetic fibers can also do a good job.

– cleaning

Some beds have removable covers, which allow you to wash areas where dirt could collect. This is a very important factor. No matter how clean your cat is, his bed gets more dirty than you might imagine, (after a certain number of washes it is advisable to buy a new one). The covers or beds that can be put in the washing machine are a very practical option , you will keep fleas and allergens at bay, and you can keep your cat’s rest area, always in an impeccable state.


Where to put the cat bed?

As mentioned before, it is essential to decide where to place the bed before purchasing it. Your cat needs a clean, quiet, private and relaxing place to sleep and rest optimally .

Temperature is also important. This place should be warm in winter and cool in summer . Even if your cat sleeps with you sometimes, you should have a suitable place or two of your own. If you have a house with several floors, consider having a place for your cat at all levels, he loves to be around you.

You may need to experiment with different locations, especially if you don’t seem like the first one. This will help you determine which place he likes best. If you have nothing decided, it is best to start with a place that your cat has already chosen.

Keep the bed clean

Whichever type of bed you choose, be sure to clean it regularly . If you’re a bit lazy or short on time, buy one that is machine washable. Also make sure to dry the bed (or cover) well before placing it for the kitten to use.

Keeping your cat’s bed clean will help keep your cat healthy and happy.

How to get my cat to use her cat bed

Does your cat not sleep in the bed you bought him? Do you prefer freshly ironed clothes, a new sofa cushion, perhaps a corner of a closet, or just the top of a shelf?

It is a common and frustrating fact, the illusionary purchase, by a deluded human, of a fantastic new bed for his kitten, until the critical moment of the gift arrives, when the kitten gives him a look of contempt to never return never notice her.

The most persistent (or stubborn  ) may have even tried to buy another new bed of a different shape or color, to end up obtaining the same result.

Of course some beds are not suitable for some cats for  various reasons , but in reality the problem is not usually the bed, but the cat . More specifically, it is the mentality of the cat and what the cat thinks about the bed.


Change your mind and your behavior will change

Changing the way a cat thinks is a lot easier said than done. I’m sure no cat owner would disagree with me, but there is a little-known but highly effective secret for changing cats’ mindsets: subtle persuasion .

Although not 100% effective with every cat in every situation, this approach has helped me train our cats to use the scratching post instead of the couch arms, to sleep in their beds, to drink from their own bowls, and to don’t go anywhere you feel like it.

Why doesn’t my cat use his bed?


The first thing to understand is the process by which a cat chooses a place to sleep. What are they looking for? What is the important? How can I provide that to you?

In naturally domestic cats, the priority is not comfort; a cat will sleep happily on a cobblestone floor. Nor is it warmth, since they live in a house and have a fur and fur coat. (Although heat sources can help, we will see below)

The first and most important rule of thumb when it comes to finding the best place to sleep for modern domestic cats is the same as the first rule when buying a home:

location,   location,  location

So what is the best location for a cat’s bed?

Every cat is different, and you will have to think about your cat’s personality in combination with their usual sleeping places, however there are a couple of basic rules that can be helpful.

Somewhere off the beaten track or walkways is a good place to start, perhaps under a table, behind a curtain, between two armchairs, use your imagination. Be that as it may, don’t choose the center of a room or a narrow hallway, where it can be in constant view and with the danger of the wrong foot getting too close for comfort.

It is also very important that it is in a place where the cat can see much more than they see it. They like to have everything under control. If the location you have chosen does not convince him, build a small fort around it and he will change his mind .

Heat from radiators, or sun through windows, can be tempting for cats. A good example of a location that you like would be on a window sill. You probably don’t have enough space for a bed on a windowsill, but it’s also a good start for some ideas.


The bed must smell like it touches

The correct location may be enough, the cat can see a comfortable place, in a good location, and decide that it is a good place to sleep, but there is still more to do if your kitten does not take the initiative.

Cats have an extraordinarily sensitive sense of smell , so, of course, the next thing to do to prepare for the use of the new bed, is to make it smell good, make it smell correctly rather.

When something new arrives from a store, it smells like a combination of the materials used, the factory, the store, and whatever other smells it may have picked up along the way. Given this scenario, it is quite logical that the kitten does not want to know anything about that object that smells so strange.

Simply by using a used piece of clothing as a cover or blanket, the bed will smell like you , rather than the tent. You can also pop some used cat toys, cats have scent glands in their mouths, so anything they chewed will smell like them.

Leave the new cat bed picking up smell for at least 24 hours, after this period the cat may decide on its own that this is its new bed. But if not, you are ready for the formal presentation.

Introduce your cat to his new bed

Once you have chosen a suitable place for the bed and smell the touch, all you have to do is do the introductions.

Keep an eye on your cat, the next time he is near the bed, come over and start to fix it and play with it . Hopefully the cat will be interested in what you are doing, but even if it looks like it isn’t, don’t worry, cats are very observant, and they will definitely have noticed the activity and their curiosity will start to grow.

If he doesn’t go to bed voluntarily, give him a call and encourage him to check it out. You can help with the mission, offer him his favorite food near the bed to associate with good things.

Praise and re-compliment your kitty each time she becomes interested in the bed , but don’t worry if she ignores her for now, don’t show discontent or anger, or scold her, as this could create a negative association. Cats are smart, and if everything else is correct, you will find that this is a great place to sleep.

When your cat has decided that “this is my bed,” she will like the bed as much as she likes the location. In this fucking, you can move the bed to other more convenient places if you want, you will find that he is still happy using it.

The final trick

If you have followed all the recommendations mentioned and still things get complicated (if you do it right you will not have problems), I recommend you try catnip.

Get some Catnip or catnip and use it to attract your cat to its new bed, thanks to that your cat will associate being in bed with the happiness and pleasant sensations that this plant produces.

Important:  If you are going to follow this advice, be sure to study the effects of this herb on cats and the recommendations. Above all, use it in moderation.

Types of cat beds

There is a wide variety of cat beds; in different shapes, sizes, colors, for interiors, for exteriors, with different materials. They adapt to all needs, find yours.

We can divide all the possibilities into 5 large groups:


Wood or wicker cat beds

These traditional-style baskets are inexpensive, but they can be difficult to very difficult to wash – your cat will likely break them by chewing or tearing.

Plastic beds

Similar in shape to wicker beds, they should be lined with soft blankets, cushions or a slipcover. The advantages of plastic beds are; that can be disinfected in case of disease or parasite, and that protect better from moisture.

Donut beds

The typical cat bed, made of a soft and stuffed material, and lined with soft fabric. These beds have the sides slightly higher than the center.

Hanging bed or hammock for cats

Hammocks and hanging beds are generally made of wool or some simpler fabric. They can be hung from windows, radiators, tables, from the ceiling … They are a good choice because cats like to hang out and contemplate the world from above.

Igloo beds for cats

Generally made of fabric with a fluffy lining, these beds offer safety, warmth and privacy to your cat. Igloo beds are ideal for the shyest and for small kittens.



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