Best and worst areas to pet your cat

One of the reasons we love cats so much is because they are very particular about many things, including, of course, where they like to be petted.

Some spots always seem to turn on your cat’s purring machine , while others inevitably pull their nails out.

We leave you here four places where all cats like to be stroked and one where most do not like anything we touch them.


Places to pet your cat: Base of the chin

Many cats love to have it gently rubbed along the underside of the chin , especially where the jaw connects to the skull. One reason is that cats’ scent glands are concentrated on the face, along the cheek and jaw.


Stroke his cheeks, behind his whiskers

So what about the scent gland areas that make cats enjoy being petted there? When you rub it on this spot, the glands release your cat’s scent. Cat experts call this a “scent brand.”


Another area they love: pet behind their ears

The “scent mark” is what cats do to make their surroundings familiar by leaving a sign of comfort or safety. That’s the idea behind your cat rubbing its head against you, and that is why many cats love to be stroked at the base of their ears.


The base of the tail is a good place to pet your cat

Here’s another sweet spot that many cat owners know their felines love. If you’ve noticed that your cat’s purr increases when you run the palm of your hand across its back and apply gentle pressure just to the base of its tail, you’re in good company!


Bad place to pet your cat: The belly

Like many of us, you may have gone to pat your cat’s belly and he turned to leave.

Why do cats do that? Pussycats (even those who feel very safe in their homes) are constantly aware of their role as prey for other animals in the food chain. 

The most important area to protect for them is the belly, as this is where all of their vital organs are accessible to predators. Of course, this does not mean that your cat does not trust you, it is just a natural defensive maneuver that it inherited from its ancestors.

It must be said that not all cats dislike you touching their belly , there are some who love it, but they are in the minority.





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