Benefits of cats on humans: 8 good reasons to adopt a cat

Benefits Of Cats On Humans: 8 Good Reasons To Adopt A Cat

Cats are adorable felines. They are also the favorite pets of the French in front of the dog. More than 30% of French people have a cat against 20% for dogs. In addition to being cuddly and independent, cats are good for us. Are you still hesitating? Here are 8 good reasons to adopt a cat!

1 – The cat is simply adorable

There are many breeds of cats and all (or almost all) have one thing in common: they are adorable. The cat is a cute and sweet animal. Kittens are cute and as adults cats continue to seduce us with their hugs and purrs. If you hesitate to adopt a cat, know that you will always be welcomed with tenderness after a good day at work!

2 – The cat is calm

Felines are very calm and peaceful animals. Even if a cat is playful, he appreciates rest and cuddly breaks on the sofa. Unlike dogs, cats are easygoing. It is ideal for families, including those with children, seniors, people with disabilities, those who live alone and those who have a busy life!

3 – The cat is independent

One of the major difference between a cat and a dog is that the cat is independent. While the dog needs the presence of his masters, to go out every day and to be busy, the cat shows a more than pleasant autonomy. No need to take him out to do his business, nor to occupy him at all costs. He is independent and can spend a lot of time alone, or at least without his masters.

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4 – The cat is a faithful friend

We often talk about the dog as man’s best friend. You should know that even if the cat does not have this title, he knows how to be present. The cat loves its master and accompanies him everywhere. The cat also knows how to show great affection with children, even the youngest. Rarely does he develop jealousy. Of course, don’t forget…

5 – The cat can comfort its master

The cat is a pet that knows how to come to you when you need it most. Whether you are suffering from a temporary blues, a breakup or have had difficulties at work, your cat will sense your distress and come to comfort you.

6 – The cat soothes

If you tend to stress, the cat is there to help you. Thanks to its purrs, the cat soothes you and above all it reduces your anxiety. This comfort is recognized and even exploited. It is called purring therapy.

7 – The cat is good for your health

The cat is an animal that carries many bacteria. Rest assured, these are not bad for your health. On the contrary, they allow you to strengthen your immunity. Besides, it’s a fact: cat owners are less sick.

8 – The cat makes you happy

Having a cat makes you happy. How ? It is very simple ! With its purrs and cuddles, the cat allows your body to produce dopamine and serotonin. Thanks to these hormones, you are more relaxed and therefore happier!

How to adopt a cat?

Want to adopt a cat but don’t know how? Rest assured, felines are the easiest pets to find. Several solutions are available to you.

    • Classifieds often allow the adoption of kittens. Following a litter, the owners offer the little ones in return for good care. Sometimes, a financial contribution is requested to cover the cost of vaccination
    • Associations are also numerous and make it easy to find a cat. The advantage of these structures is that they offer vaccinated and sterilized cats. Sometimes you even offer a second chance to these abandoned or lost felines.
    • The SPA and refuges also allow the adoption of cats and sometimes abandoned kittens. These structures are often full. If you adopt your furball on the spot, you are also doing a good deed.
    • Word of mouth is an alternative that pays off. We all have in our entourage a colleague, a friend or a member of his family who offers cats or kittens. Just relay the information!
    • The cat bars are very trendy. They allow you to spend a very pleasant moment with cats but also to find the one that will be yours. Indeed, the cats in this type of bars are offered for adoption.
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Of course, this list is not exhaustive. It is possible, if you want a purebred cat, to contact a breeder. Some cats are also available at pet stores.

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