BARF or raw diet for cats – Benefits and recipes

Surely more than one person thinks that cat food or cans of wet food are the best option for their kitten. Nothing could be further from the truth…. The BARF diet for cats is nothing more than the natural diet of a lifetime.

Cats have never eaten food or cans, they have always lived in freedom eating prey that they hunted like mice or birds and scavenging what they could from the remains of food that humans throw away.

If you are what they think that cat food is the best current option, I invite you to spend just two minutes of your life reading this information , where we clearly explain what the BARF Diet for cats consists of and what are its benefits, or rather, multiple benefits.

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What is the BARF Diet for cats?

Although it is called Diet, in reality it is not a diet as we humans know it (diet to reduce weight). It is simply called a diet in reference to a specific eating style.

The BARF Diet is also known by the name of ACBA, it consists of feeding our cat with fresh and natural products , that is, with products like those that we humans eat, but without cooking. as indicated by . It is the most similar to the diet that a cat can have in the wild, which feeds on small prey that it hunts.

Your cat will not only eat much more comfortable and happy, something that can be appreciated from the first time we give it BARF, but it will also be healthier and stronger, calmer, more vigorous and happy.

The BARF diet can be purchased already prepared, as long as it meets the basic requirements of this type of diet (there are companies that already sell BARF teeth). Or we can do it by ourselves from home, something that I recommend since it will not steal our time.

What are the benefits of the BARF diet for cats?

Rather than talking about the multiple benefits of this type of diet based on natural cat food, we can talk about the drawbacks: NONE.

Now that you know the drawbacks, we can discuss some of the most notable benefits when a cat is fed BARF.

  • Our cat will have more energy, will be more alive and happier than ever. It is something that is noticeable in a few days, a really amazing change from pre-made cat food.
  • Your hair will be shinier and healthier, it is another thing that we will notice in a very short time, really healthy and shiny hair, so much so that it is even envious.
  • Your stools will be smaller and less odorous, this is noticeable from practically on the second or third day, even the enormous decrease in stool is surprising. But it is something completely normal, being natural food, they take advantage of it much better and it does not produce such bad odors.
  • Our cat will also have much less gas. Your body odor will decrease very considerably, being much more pleasant as it is less intense.
  • Your mood will be affected very positively, a well-fed cat is a happy cat. When you put him on the BARF Diet to eat … you will see how his eyes light up and he licks non-stop, he loves it!
  • Their health will be much better and they will live longer, a cat fed without preservatives, dyes or processed foods lives healthier and for longer years. Good nutrition is one of the keys to health and longevity.
  • We will save a lot of money, although it seems incredible, the BARF diet for cats is much cheaper than the food we buy in the form of feed or cans. You will be surprised to see how healthy and well your cat eats, for much less money than before!

And these are just some of the more noticeable benefits, actually…. all are benefits.

How to make a BARF diet for cats: INGREDIENTS

Even if you think that it is something complex and that you have to be an expert to do it…. It is not like this. Anyone can make their own BARF diet and feed it to their cat . It is so simple that it is not even necessary to have knowledge about food, we just have to be clear about some basic concepts and follow these simple steps.

A cat’s food should contain between 70% and 80% meat, between 5% and 10% soft bones and a small percentage of fruit / vegetables, plus a dash of Salmon oil.

  • 70%. 80% Meat – Fish
  • 5% . 10% of tender / milky bones
  • A little bit of fruit and / or vegetables
  • A splash of Salmon oil

Absolutely everything can be bought in our market, supermarket, neighborhood store or shopping center. Always taking advantage of seasonal and occasion foods, to make the purchase even more economical. If we buy products on sale we will notice even more the low cost of the change of feed to BARF.

Food – Ingredients that we can buy for each category:

  • Meat / Fish:We can use only meat, only fish or both at the same time. Chicken, pork, beef, quail, organ meats, tongue, heart, etc … and any type of fish on offer.
  • Tender / milky bones:We can use chicken carcasses (super cheap), chicken wings, quail carcasses or small fish bones (tender bones , never big bones).
  • Fruit and / or Vegetable:We can use pumpkin, carrot, apple, pear, etc….

Knowing what food we can buy for our cat, we simply have to go looking for the best offers. It really comes out much cheaper than any other type of food, with an unmatched quality.

To prevent you from accidentally giving your cat a product that could be harmful to it, we leave you this guide to foods NOT SUITABLE for cats:

  • Toxic food for a cat


How is food cooked?

The foods in the BARF Diet for cats ARE NOT COOKED, except for vegetables. That is, both the meat and the fish must be completely raw, as well as the tender bones. The only ingredient that we must cook is the pumpkin or carrot, which must be cooked with unsalted water.

The foods are given raw, they can be given whole or chopped. Cats have fully prepared teeth to make small pieces and eat them, let’s not forget that they are carnivores.

Some people cook or cook meat or fish a little before giving it to their cat, something that makes the food lose a bit of properties but that fits completely within the concept of the BARF diet. That is, you can cook or cook the meat and fish a little if you prefer, but NEVER cook the bones or scraps , they must always be raw.

If you still have some qualms, some people prefer to mix them all and put them through the shredder. To give your cat ground natural food, which provides exactly the same benefits as without ground.

Barf Diet Recipe for Cats: Chicken with Pumpkin

Let’s see a practical example of how we should make a good pumpkin chicken menu for our beloved cat. Remember that you can make a lot of it and then divide it into portions, which we can freeze. In this way, making food once a week , every fifteen days or once a month (depending on the size of your freezer) is enough.

You will simply have to take out your portion the day before so that it thaws. Let’s go to the mess:


  • 800 grams of thighs, against chicken thighs, breast and entrails. A little of everything without adding the chicken bones).
  • 100 grams of chicken bones, carcasses or wings (those of the legs also work if we crush them).
  • 100 grams of cooked pumpkin
  • 1 apple

It is chopped and everything is mixed, we can chop it by cutting it into small pieces with a knife or in a mincer. Once everything is well mixed, we will add a splash of Salmon oil (you can buy it in any pet store) and we will also add a raw egg (without the shell).

And ready!! Do you see how it was not difficult at all? Well now imagine that you also add some fresh fish (head and entrails included) and you already have a menu of chicken and fish with pumpkin.

Some people add a little cooked rice or cooked potato for carbohydrates. It’s not really necessary, but they like it and it serves as a filling for food.

The options for adding ingredients are so many, that it is impossible for your cat to ever get bored of the same flavor. Here you can see a practical video example, with natural ingredients and a little cooked:

How much BARF Diet should a cat eat?

The amounts are taken based on the age and weight of the cat, it is something really easy to calculate. We are going to see some real examples to calculate the amount of Barf Diet for a cat.

An adult cat needs between 3% and 5% of its real weight . That is, if our cat weighs 5 kilos, it must eat 5% of 5 kilos every day, which is 250 grams.

The 250 grams must be divided into two or three daily intakes, that is, if, for example, our cat only eats breakfast and dinner, we will give it 125 grams for breakfast and 125 grams for dinner (making the total of 250 grams).

If our cat gets fat, we simply have to reduce its daily food amount from 5% to 3% and wait a few weeks to evaluate. Some very sedentary cats only need 2% of their weight, everything is to see how the cat evolves and adjust its ration. It is very simple.

A puppy should eat 2% to 3% of the adult cat’s total weight . We should not be confused with the real weight of the cat when it is a puppy. If, for example, we have a Persian puppy and we know that its adult weight will be about 10 kilos, we must give it 2% of those 10 kilos divided into three or four daily intakes.

Some people prefer to put food freely and let the kitten decide when enough is enough.

Can I mix BARF diet for cats with commercial feed or cans of wet food?

It is not recommended because the digestions are very different. A cat that is fed with feed has a long and heavy digestion, which usually lasts several hours. However, a cat fed natural food (BARF) has a light and fast digestion.

For this reason, it is not advisable to mix different types of food, since it would be heavy for the cat. If you want to feed your cat well, forget the feed.

How do I change from feed to BARF natural food?

Make a radical change, start the day by feeding your cat only natural BARF food and that’s it. It is not necessary to make the change little by little or anything similar.

The first few days you can give the food a little more chopped than normal, although it is not strictly necessary. The normal thing and what offers the best results is to make the change in a radical way. Sometimes we may notice a little loose poop during the first day, but it is nothing to worry about.

My vet recommends that I buy feed or cans of wet food. Why?

We must remember that veterinarians are not nutritionists, although most of them sell cat food in their clinics. A veterinarian may recommend wet can or dry cat food for two reasons:

  1. Ignorance:With no intention of disrespecting, but as we have indicated, a veterinarian is not a nutritionist and therefore does not understand food. If we consult any feline nutritionist, they will immediately confirm that there is no better option than natural food.
  2. Money:Every time a veterinarian, clinic or physical store or online store sells a sack of feed or can of wet food, it earns a percentage of the total sale. So the more bags of feed and cans they sell, the more money they make. If they recommend natural food, then they would not sell anything and therefore they would not make money either.


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