Bad breath in cats: how to combat it?

When you have a cat with bad breath we have to worry. It is a very unpleasant problem, because when it yawns it gives off it, and of course, we perceive the smell. Unfortunately, seven out of ten adult cats will have halitosis (which is the technical name for this condition) at some time in their life, so … how do you combat it?

In order for our furry dog ​​to have fresh breath again, the first thing we have to do is find out the cause of bad breath in cats, the origin of why “suddenly” their breath smells so bad. So, let’s find out.


A cat can have bad breath for a number of reasons, which are:

  • Food: although it is not decisive, poor quality food is usually one of the main causes of halitosis in cats. Why? Because they have remains of feed between their teeth, which favors the appearance of tartar, which in turn forms bacterial plaque (also known as dental plaque). With high-quality feed or natural food it also occurs, but it is a slower process, to the point that it can take 7-10 years for the cat’s teeth to start looking dirty and / or worn.
  • Dental or oral infection: if they have any disease either in the mouth or in the throat, it is possible that halitosis also appears as a symptom.
  • Illness: just as it happens to us when we have, for example, the flu, a cat suffering from a similar illness may have bad breath.

How to fight bad breath

When our cat starts to have bad breath we have to find out if he has a problem in his mouth . To do this, one person can hold it from behind, grabbing its front legs, while another will open its mouth to examine it. Take him to the vet if you see that he has:

  • Yellowworn, or broken teeth
  • Ulcersor wounds in the mouth
  • Or anything else that makes you suspicious

And, in addition to giving him the treatment that the professional has given him, at home you can help him to have fresh breath again. For this, I recommend that you make sure that you drink plenty of water (if your cat weighs 5kg, the appropriate amount would be between 300-500 milliliters), and, in addition, it is advisable that you clean its teeth with a toothpaste for cats that you will find in pet stores or veterinary clinics (human toothpaste can be toxic to humans) after every meal.

Another option, which your cat is sure to love, is to give her cat treats that are made specifically for cleaning the animal’s teeth.




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