average life expectancy of the “naked” cat

The Sphynx is one of the longest-lived breeds in the feline world, but how long exactly does a “naked” cat live? Let’s find out together!

If you’re wondering how long a Sphynx lives, you’ve come to the right place. The Sphynx (or rather, Canadian Sphynx) are cats of a rather recent breed, created in 1963 and only made official in 1998.

These are creatures that certainly do not go unnoticed due to the total absence of hair on their body and yet, despite their apparently fragile appearance, they are quite long-lived. Don’t believe it?

Let’s find out together how long does a Sphynx live (on average). and what his life expectancy depends on. It’s true that race per se affects this figure, but we need to do our part too!


Average life expectancy of the Sphynx cat

The average life expectancy of Sphynx cats is, as mentioned, one of the longest for a small domestic feline. Let’s talk about a cat that can live on average between 8 and 15 years of life if raised with care, love and with the right attention. Just think that some specimens reach 20 years without problems.

But how is it possible that a hairless cat with such a frail and “strange” appearance manages to reach such record figures?

Delicate skin care

hairless cat

The already mentioned lack of fur in the Sphynx it makes them particularly exposed to the cold in winter, to sunburn in summer and in general to developing skin irritations, so much so that many of their owners prefer to avoid letting them leave the house to safeguard their health. Skin diseases such as urticaria pigmentosa and cutaneous mastocytosis are also very common in the specimens of this breed.

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One wonders how a cat like the Sphynx manages to live for twenty years, considering this skin is so delicate and the total absence of hair which exposes it to all these problems. The answer is very simple: no mystery on the horizon, just a human being who takes care of it in the best possible way and with all the precautions of the caseobviously asking for advice from a good vet.

The skin of the “naked” cat also has other critical issues that we must take into account. One of these is that it becomes particularly greasy, because there is no hair that can hold or distribute it oily substance which of course every cat produces. This is why it is necessary to bathe the Sphynx cat regularly, using specific products for specimens of this feline breed that are very delicate, as natural as possible and perfect for keeping the skin healthy, as well as cleansed.

Ideal nutrition and food

hairless gray cat

Feeding a Sphynx can be trickier than it sounds. Looking at the “naked” cat almost seems to observe a kind of creature a little sphinx and a little alien, from thefrail and almost “weak” appearance. In short, one would never expect the Sphynx to be a big foodie!

Well yes, the specimens of this particular feline breed have a specific nutritional requirement that the human who takes care of them must absolutely respect. The reasons are not only linked to a growth and maintenance factor over the course of life, but also to a need closely connected to one’s health.

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Consider that the Sphynx has a faster metabolism compared to other cats and therefore needs an adequate amount of food to be healthy but also well satisfied and satisfied. To put it simply, the “naked” cat is hairless and always feels cold, plus it has a metabolism that burns energy rapidly, both factors that cause it to be ravenous. We have to keep the amount of porridge to prevent him from exaggerating and gaining too much weight, with all the consequences and problems that we must absolutely avoid.

Health and visits to the vet

hairless kittens

If it is true that how long a Sphynx lives depends on the way we feed and take care of it, as well as on the intrinsic characteristics of the feline breed, on the other hand the presence of the vet is crucial. This applies to the Sphynx as well as to all small domestic cats, of course. Have the cat followed by a good doctor who loves animals and knows theirs specific needs it is essential if we want it to stay healthy all the time.

But there’s more, because only thanks to veterinary visits can the Sphynx and any other cat avoid problems that could endanger their own safety. Taking your cat to the vet doesn’t just mean showing the doctor a symptom or problem we’ve noticed, but prevent others that we may not be aware of. Often the disease or ailment can be insidious, leaving no visible symptoms in the early stages. Only a good veterinarian can notice it in time (indeed, in advance), allowing us to treat the cat properly!

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How long does a Sphynx live, many people have also asked us:

person holds a naked cat in her arms

How much does a Sphynx cost?

The Sphynx is certainly not a cheap cat, since it is such a particular and unique feline breed. On average you could spend around 1,000 eurosa price that rises according to the genetic line, the type of specimen and other factors that the breeder will be happy to explain to you in detail.

By the way, always and only rely on farms certified and recognized by the relevant bodies!

How much does a Sphynx eat per day?

If it were up to him, he would eat all the time, so it’s up to us to give him some rules. To avoid hunger attacks it would be advisable to divide the meals into 3 or 4 a day without increasing the quantities.

How much does a Sphynx cat weigh?

It is enough to observe one specimen to understand that the Sphynx is a muscular but also very long-limbed cat. Its weight shouldn’t never exceed 5 kg considering that it is a medium-small sized cat.

Why is the Sphynx hairless?

Million dollar question? Not at all! The Sphynx is “naked” because in its DNA there is a genetic mutation which causes the hair not to grow, giving it the characteristic and fascinating aspect that distinguishes it!

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