Why do cats purr

Why do cats purr?

Why do cats purr is a topic that after decades of research continues to fuel the curiosity of ethologists, given the unknowns that still remain to be fully clarified. In this post we collect the keys that revolve around this mystery of feline behavior . We are sure that if you are a cat lover, knowing more about …

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Brachycephalic cat breeds

Brachycephalic cat breeds

Persian, exotic shorthair, Burmese and Himalayan cats share a particular skull morphology. Its facial structure is shorter and wider than that of other feline breeds. Consequently, their nasolacrimal duct is smaller, which entails certain disadvantages for their well-being. This circumstance triggers certain inconveniences, the most severe being the brachycephalic syndrome or congenital obstructive disease of the upper respiratory tract. In the …

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