Australian Mist Cat Breed

Australian Mist Cat Breed

These cats are very sweet and attached. You will not find a more loving pet. At birth they are robust and as they grow their silhouette becomes more refined. Despite this, in adulthood they are muscular kittens with a particular mottling that gives them that misty appearance.

Do you know that some feline federations are still reluctant to recognize this breed? Today’s Australian Mists are predecessors of felines of indigenous breeds of Australia, their country of origin, Burmese and Abyssinians.

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Characteristics of the Australian Mist cat

Medium in size, their build is compact and their legs are muscular. His nose is wide and long but his facial expression is very sweet and beautiful, largely due to his large eyes that are pure expressiveness. The bottom of its coat is pale and is full of specks ( mist ) of a darker color, this being its most identifying feature.

Origin Oceania (Australia)
Medium size
Weight from 3 to 6 kg males and 2 to 5 kg females
Short hair, very silky and fine. Supported colors are blue, brown, chocolate, lilac, caramel, gold, and peach in speckled or speckled patterns. On the face, legs and tail they present the typical stripes of the tabby
Medium-sized, round head with a pronounced chin
Wide, medium ears with rounded tips
Very large, rounded eyes with green tones
Tail is long and thick at the base
Estimated longevity of 15 to 18 years
Difficulty taking care of it medium


Character and behavior of the Australian Mist cat

His temperament is very sociable, outgoing and playful. They are very active and attached pets that demand their daily share of pampering and games . They adapt perfectly to any space and get along very well with children and other animals, especially if they have been neutered or spayed.

They do not cope well with loneliness, so do not leave him alone for many hours and provide him with enough toys that he likes. If you opt for the interactive ones, you will help them exercise their cognitive abilities while they entertain themselves. Do you know that they are very meowing? He will not hesitate to request your attention.

Care required by the Australian Mist cat

The attention that these kittens demand is summarized in a brushing at least once every 10 days, a balanced and rationed diet that prevents obesity and physical activity on a daily basis . Being so attached, every day they require the company of their favorite human to play.

As with other cats, you should take care of trimming their nails, cleaning their eyes and ears, as well as visiting the vet from time to time to confirm that everything is fine. The vaccines and deworming are another routine care of all races.

Breed health

In this breed, congenital diseases that the predecessors can transmit in a hereditary way to their litters have not been identified either. However, among these specimens there is a certain predisposition to suffer from urinary tract diseases, eye disorders and tapeworms . As you can see, you can prevent all of them by going to the specialist’s office.

History of the breed and fun facts

The creator of this breed is Dr. Truda Straede. I wanted to get a cat with the physical characteristics of Burmese, Abyssinian and some Australian short-haired breeds, with a mottled coat and a sociable and friendly character. This is how he presented his idea to the Royal Agricultural Society and the result was this endearing pussycat that saw the light of day in 1976.

Before 1998 they were called Spotted Mist , but as more patterns emerged and marbling was accepted as part of the breed, their creator opted for the current name Australian Mist. Outside of Australia it is little known. There are hatcheries in the UK, the USA and for several years in Germany.

This beautiful breed is not recognized in all feline federations. The World Cat Federation (WCF) and The International Cat Association (TICA) did so in 2014. Can you resist the sweet gaze of this ‘mist cat’?


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