attention and advice for a healthy and happy cat

If we really want that Kitty is fine and be happy, we have to take care of the cat from all points of view, regularly and without skipping a single day. Look after his hygiene, take care of his coat and fur, check that his mouth and teeth are in order and much more.

When we adopt a sweet four-legged companion we first of all assume a great responsibility, which is not limited to pampering or buying expensive accessories. The priority always and only goes to Health of Micio, therefore we must equip ourselves with all the tools and knowledge necessary to guarantee him a long and happy life.

My cat is legend gives you some useful tips to get you cat care starting with hygiene and continuing with nutrition, physical activity, grooming for i cats of all ages. This section also includes useful information on specific health issues and home management (kitty-proof).

Hygiene And Cleaning

The first step in taking care of your cat is to know all about hygiene. When we welcome a sweet ball of fur into the house we have to take care of its cleanliness… yes, it also applies to cats!

As all cats know, Micio is an extremely clean animal. Indeed, in some ways he is really a hygiene freak who spends a lot of time licking his coat (and not only) to clean himself with his tongue. But the fact remains that as good owners we must always keep his beautiful coat and his skin under control.

It is also important to take into consideration the cleaning of the eyes and ears, where dirt and even debris often lurk mites and parasites which could harm your cat’s health.

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Did you know that toothbrush and toothpaste aren’t they a human prerogative? In this section of My cat is legend we also talk about techniques and useful tools for the care of the cat’s teeth. Because even Micio can get mouth infections if we leave him with all his teeth dirty. THE food residues they pile up and then the problems begin.

When it comes to cats it is not exactly easy to satisfy all the various cleaning options and for the teeth it is the same. The ideal is to get your cat used to being “handled” from an early age, calmly and patiently. Needless to say, always use only products for cats. Don’t think of using human toothpaste!

Nutrition also plays an important role in the care of the cat’s teeth, because the dry food (crunchies) help Micio to clean his mouth in a natural way, taking advantage of hardness and chewing. Wet food gets stuck between teeth and gums more easily, so we measure the quantities of one and the other well. Here we teach you how to brush your cat’s teeth and what to do in case of problems due to poor oral hygiene (such as gingivitis).


Who says cat, says fur! And how many do we find around the house, especially in the moulting seasons…a natural phenomenon because Micio undergoes a real coateliminating the “old” hair in favor of the “new” one.

Taking care of the cat’s coat is another step you need to take learn to manage to look after the sweet four-legged at best. It’s not for a pure “aesthetic” issue or just to keep it soft, but also to keep it healthy.

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Here we explain how it’s done and how the coat of cats works, how many types of coat exist based on texture and length and, of course, how to brush it correctly. Without forgetting, then, how many times it is appropriate to do it depending on the type and with which tools. Also the type of brush o comb is important!

Cat fur care is also essential for prevent some ailments typical of furbabies like Micio, first of all the infestation of parasites such as ticks and fleas, which nestle right at the base of the hair and attack the skin. But also of cases such as dermatitis and other dermatological problems that we can only notice by checking the beautiful coat of Micio every day.


Micio has a splendid and intense gaze, which captures us in a whirlwind of emotions, taking us to another dimension made of mystery and magic. But they too need special care and attention and we must therefore always keep them clean and in good health.

Just like us bipeds, Micio can also suffer from infections or problems such as conjunctivitis, which must be avoided and – when necessary – treated with special drops and eye drops (only and exclusively under the prescription of the veterinarian). Here you will find a lot of information about this too!

Paws, Pads And Claws

The care of our beloved cat cannot leave out such an important part of the body as the paws. An essential tool for the sweet Micio, thanks to which he sets out to discover the world, snooping here and there and moving to achieve anything that catches your interest.

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The paws are always on the ground and Micio rests them practically everywhere. Therefore it is not difficult to imagine that they may have some problems!

Here you will find out how they are made and what are those adorable bearings that act as “shock absorbers”. But also how they are made nails (or rather, the claws) of Micio and what is needed to take care of them and prevent them from becoming a danger to Micio. Another very interesting chapter in cat care that is worth discovering!

A Healthy Cat Is A Happy Cat!

Care, hygiene, health of the cat are the pillars that ensure a peaceful and happy life. Taking care of a sweet little domestic feline is above all a great responsibility, something we must never forget.

Our sweet furbaby is ready to give us lots of love and that’s why he deserves all attention possible, to live long and surrounded by the affection of loved ones. But above all away from dangers and health problems.

Cat care must become one routine daily. Only in this way will we be able to keep Micio under control and immediately notice when something is wrong!

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