At what age do kittens start walking?

Kittens, although with some difficulty, take a long time to get around on their own. But this does not exactly mean walking: very often it is the mother who encourages them with a little push, until their legs are strong enough to allow them to start taking a few steps.

But when do kittens start walking?

The kitten’s early days

From their first day of life, kittens learn to adapt to their new situation. Since their eyes are closed, and the ear canal is open, they will  perceive the warmth  and calls of their Transition phase before walking

Between two and three weeks there will be a transition phase in which the kitten, although growing at great speed, still does not have strong enough legs to support it for a long time and will therefore simply  crawl  on the ground for distances short. It is also the period when the sense of smell develops the most.

The kittens start to run

Between 5 and 6 weeks of age , kittens will know how to  run , perhaps chasing each other. They won’t pay much attention to where they go, so it’s up to you to keep them in a safe, closed place where they can’t get hurt.

You can dedicate a small room to them or install a playpen for babies, these would be a couple of ways to keep your kittens out of danger.

Kittens need to interact with their littermates and especially their mother to  develop some skills , so don’t be too quick to separate them from the litter just because you see that they can already walk on their own.

Kitten precautions

Newborn kittens should spend time with their mother and their littermates for socialization . Separating a kitten under five weeks of age from the mother can lead to aggression, fear, and an inability to fully acquire life and social skills.

Kittens must be able to walk, run, play, eat, and use the litter box on their own before being adopted into a new home. If you’re not sure if your kittens are old enough to give away, check with a vet to make sure they’re fully grown.



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