Ashera cat- The most expensive cat in the world

The Ashera cat is a new, rare and exotic breed of cat. This breed was created by crossing the common domestic cat with the exotic breeds: African Serval and the Asian leopard cat .

The result is a beautiful hybrid cat with contrasting leopard spots and stripes, with large, pointed ears. It is probably the rarest cat in the world and also the most expensive .

Next, I show you all the characteristics of this incredible hybrid cat.

Ashera cat physical characteristics

It is a cat that can grow up to  one and a half meters tall  and weighs between  13 and 15 kilos .

His body is strong and robust, the appearance is impressive and regal and the movements are harmonious and elegant. Despite its imposing appearance, it is a docile and kind cat, and closely attached to each member of the family, but at the same time it is independent, in fact it can stay alone without problems.

Their eyes are usually green or honey colored.

On the other hand, I indicate the four types of Ashera cats that exist:

  • Common Ashera cat: it is the central figure that developed. it is cream-colored with prominent brown spots.
  • Hypoallergenic cat Ashera: its appearance is exactly identical to the previous one. It only differs because its hair does not cause allergies.
  • Royal Ashera cat: it is the least known, rare and exclusive. It can be cream with black and orange spots or stripes.
  • Snowy Ashera Cat: This type is known as “White Ashera” because it has a whitish body with amber patches.

Ashera cats character

This 21st century cat has been bred for a home environment. These cats have a good temperament and love children and are so friendly that they can be taken for walks on a leash.

He likes to climb to the heights and is very playful, which is probably not good news for your curtains.

Despite its imposing size, the Ashera is a  calm- tempered cat  .

He likes to be petted and creates strong bonds with his human companions, but at the same time, he is a cat that can be left alone without any problem, he is not particularly attached.

Ashera cat breed care

The Ashera cat does not need special care. A  nutrition  right will have a positive impact on a shiny coat and an optimal state of health of the cat.

It is not recommended to offer only dry feed as food. The main source of protein, fat and carbohydrates should be a natural diet. Its relationship with wild animals determines the proper nutrition of this cat: fresh meat, poultry, sea fish.

His coat of short, straight hair does not need to be combed daily. The eyes and ears should be cleaned with a damp swab, and the cat should be bathed every six months with a special shampoo for short-haired breeds. Do not forget to clean their teeth, so that they remain perfect and white as snow.

A good thermal blanket might be helpful, especially in the winter months. Since Ashera’s ancestors come from a warm climate, these animals prefer to snuggle into something warm to lie down on.

How much does an Ashera cat cost?

Its price ranges between $ 22,000 and $ 28,000. The reason for this high price lies in the fact that Ashera cats are sterile and cannot reproduce: specimens of this breed of cat are obtained only by genetic manipulation in the laboratories of the American biotechnology company Lifestyle Pets.

Lifestyle Pets is the only place in the world where you can buy an Ashera cat: it is the laboratory where the cat breeds that help create the Ashera are crossed, the chip is put into each sold cat and the necessary vaccines to provide protection for one year.

Is Ashera the cat a fraud?

The authenticity of the Ashera breed was questioned by cat breeder Chris Shirk of Cutting Edge Savannahs, who reported that several cats sold as Ashera were bred by him as another hybrid cat – Savannah F1 .

Subsequent DNA test results confirmed that three Ashera kittens confiscated at Schiphol Airport in February 2008 were Savannah F1. It is believed that the Cutting Edge Savannahs company did not know that the cats were going to be resold as Ashera cats.

As a conclusion, with the help of DNA testing, it was discovered that the Ashera cats from Lifestyle Pets were simply Savannah cats that were purchased from a different breeder and then resold.



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