Are strings a suitable toy for cats?

Most cats go crazy for wind-up toys . In fact, they don’t even need a wind-up toy. They will do the same with a simple thread or a ball of wool and will spend the whole afternoon playing with it.

It’s pretty safe to say that regardless of how fickle felines are, two of their all-time favorite things are ropes and naps.


Why do cats like strings so much?

There is no single universal reason for your pet to enjoy ropes. A few reasons are these.

Hunting instincts

Felines are excellent hunters by default. The movement of ropes and threads, which mimics the movement of prey like snakes, excites the innate hunting instincts of your fluffy little friend.

As a result, he cannot resist the urge to participate in a play session, even though he knows that the rope is not actual prey.


Unlike laser toys, birds, or other types of interactive toys, your cat needs to chase the rope without receiving the satisfaction of catching it. The rope is stuck and the cat can easily catch it.

The satisfaction of finally being able to snatch prey is as exciting as any erratic or blinking movement for cats of all breeds and ages.


Cats are fond of their upholstery and carpets, as they can scratch them with their claws.

Unlike sticky or smooth surfaces, string and wool offer something nice for the cat to latch on.

Source of fun

An extremely long string or a whole ball of wool is a dream come true for most cats.


Are strings good toys for cats?

Even though your pet will stop at nothing once the rope or string catches his eye, this type of entertainment actually does present some health risks.

Why are strings bad?

Thread, ribbon, threads and strings are dangerous when they are too long . Your kitty can easily roll into them and jam her limbs. This can result in some serious physical injury. In the worst case, the cat can drown.

On the other hand, your cat can also ingest parts of the rope.

Regardless of its texture, if it gets stuck in your pet’s body, it will cause intestinal obstruction and other similar problems.

This can lead to an emergency trip to the vet that will not be cheap. In severe cases, the kitten will need surgery to completely remove the string.

Should you ditch the wind-up toys?

Of course not! They provide great entertainment for felines of all races and ages. And cats do need entertainment, otherwise destructive behavior, obesity, and even depression can appear.

Play sessions with these types of toys must be supervised at all times. If you are cared for your kitten will be safe around ropes, wool, threads and ribbons.

Investing in a high-quality wind-up toy that is safe and durable is a great option. Just don’t leave your pet alone unsupervised while playing with the toy.




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