Applaws, grain-free feed for cats

There is more and more awareness of how important it is to give quality food to both dogs and cats, not in vain, we are all what we eat, and depending largely on our diet, our health will be worse or better; Hence, if we give our furry companions unsuitable feed we have to take them, sooner rather than later, to the vet.

I once read that it is much better to spend your money on food than in a clinic or hospital for pets … and of course, whoever wrote it is absolutely right. For all this, in stores we begin to see really suitable feed for cats. This time, we are going to talk about Applaws .

What is Applaws?


The health of our beloved dogs and cats depends a lot on how we take care of them, and food is one of the most important issues. Applaws is a company that knows it well, so they only make 100% natural feed , without additives or artificial colors.

In addition, they only use the ingredients listed, and that you can read on each of their packaging. These ingredients are indicated by the percentage they represent of the total, making it one of the most transparent feed brands in this regard.

What are your cat products?

From Applaws for cats we find different flavors of both dry and wet feed, which are the following:

Kiwoko is a store specialized in the sale of products for dogs and cats, offering home delivery service . Their Applaws catalog is very extensive, so taking a look is certainly recommended.

Pet shops

Not in all, but the normal thing is that you can go to one and buy. If they don’t have one, you can ask to be ordered. From experience I can tell you that it is rare that they tell you that they do not sell.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of feeding a grain-free diet to cats?


The answers you are going to read are not from any nutrition expert, so I will surely leave something. But they will help you to get an idea of ​​what it means to give a more natural food to animals:


  • They are hypoallergenic: a feed that does not contain cereals usually does not contain additives or artificial colors, so that the risk of food intolerance is reduced.
  • High digestibility: they are made with ingredients that satisfy the cat, and also nourish it. This means that you have to eat less often and that your stools are not as bulky (or have such a bad smell, by the way).
  • Hair regains its natural shine: thanks to the essential fatty oils Omega 3 and 6, and the salmon oil that they usually contain.
  • The teeth turn white: whether it is dry or wet feed, the remains of food that remain between their teeth are much less than if they were given low-quality feed.
  • It improves the mood: it is not always noticeable, but yes. They seem to regain energy 🙂.


  • Not all cats like it: if they are already used to a brand of feed, even if it has cereals, it can take a lot to start giving them a better quality one, especially if they are adults or seniors.
  • They may not suit them: if they have a delicate stomach, or if you suspect they have it, it doesn’t hurt to see a vet.
  • The price is high: although this is relative, because we all know more or less the prices of meat or fish in a supermarket (for example). High-quality feed cannot be expected to be cheap.


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