Anatoli, a cat of Turkish origin

Anatoli, The Turkish Van Cat In A Short Coat

Anatoly which is also called Anatolian Shorthair or Turkish Shorthair, is the short-haired variety of Van’s Turk. This cat therefore has the same origin and has a very similar character. Equally elegant, it also takes on the intelligence of its cousin. He is an excellent companion cat, but he is very rare in France, because the LOOF has not yet recognized him.

Discover Anatoly his needs, his character and his appearance.

Anatolia In Brief

    • Other name(s): Anatolian shorthair, Turkish shorthair
    • Life expectancy: 15 to 20 years
    • Weight: 4 to 6 kg (female), 5 to 9 kg (male)
    • Height: about 30 cm at the withers
    • Silhouette: long and powerful
    • Hair: short
    • Dresses: plain white or two-tone
    • Character: curious, affectionate and playful
    • Origin: turkey
    • Cat breed recognized by the LOOF: no

Anatoli Breed History

Just like its cousin the Turk of Van, the Anatoli is part of the natural and millennial breeds. It comes from Turkey, and, more precisely, from central Anatolia, hence its name. Originally, he is a Turk from Van who underwent a genetic mutation. This is responsible for his short hair. The introduction of the Lake Van Turk and the Anatoli dates back to the 1950s, but the Anatoli was not recognized by the WCF (World Cat Federation) until 2001. For now, it is not accepted by the LOOF, the French cat association.

Physical Characteristics Of The Anatoli Breed

According to the WCF standard, this cat belongs to the long and powerful profiles, such as the Bengal, the Ragdoll or the Maine Coon. He is therefore strong with a strong bone structure, just like his musculature.

Her dress short, but soft and dense, with very little undercoat. Her head forms a triangle. His muzzle is strong and his nose is straight. Their eyes are large and oval. They are positioned slightly obliquely. Their color can be blue, amber or minnow. THE ears, meanwhile, are medium in size and set high on the head. His paws are also of medium length and have powerful muscles and strong bones. They lead to feet nicely round. Finally, its tail is also of medium length.

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The Colors Of Anatolia

The Anatolian shorthair can be plain white or two-tone (white dress with more or less color). In terms of the color associated with white, it can be black, brown, red, blue… all the traditional colors except chocolate, fawn, cinnamon and lilac.

The colorpoint pattern (as on the Siamese or Sacred Burmese) is not accepted.

Eye color should match coat color.

Character Of Anatolia

Active and playful, even turbulent the Anatoli is also a very smart and curious. Like its cousin the Turk from Lake Van, it is said to like water, which is not common in cats. He is energetic, but capable of being very affectionate. He can show signs of shyness with guests when he doesn’t know them, although the rest of the time he is rather reckless. He’s also a cat very faithful and loyal, who needs to feel, even to follow his master very often. It is sometimes compared to a dog.

Do not forget that each cat is unique and that if certain qualities often come up, it happens that a subject has a different characteristic or even several because of his life course.

Ideal Living Conditions For Anatoli

Anatoli doesn’t really have a hard time living with dogs or other cats, because he is sociable in nature. In this case, it is necessary to proceed with progressive introductions, without rushing either the occupant or the newcomer. He also gets along well with children because he is a player.

If he lives in an apartment, he must have enough games and toys, cat trees and scratching posts to let his dynamism flourish and be able to exert himself.

Sometimes possessive, he can very well accompany a single person who will be his whole universe. He doesn’t like being left alone for too long.

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If he lives at home he needs a well-fenced garden so as not to venture too far at the risk of being robbed or having a road accident.

Anatoli Grooming And Maintenance

Its fur is short, with very little undercoat. Her maintenance is very easy. He needs a quick brushing once in a while. A brush stroke brings a massage and improves venous circulation which is good for the health of the cat.

When dirty, which is more noticeable in white cats, a bath may be necessary. He then needs products adapted to his skin and not human shampoos because his pH is not the same as ours.

As with all cats, he must be monitored around the eyes and ears to avoid infections (conjunctivitis, otitis): a little cleaning from time to time is necessary with a specific lotion.

Main Health Problems Of Anatoli

Anatoli does not present no breed-associated diseases. He is a sturdy cat.

Totally white cats, however, should have their hearing checked as they are more likely to be deaf. The kittens must therefore pass the BAER test a hearing test.

Anatoli must be dewormed regularly.

Finally, it must be vaccinated against the classic viruses that are rampant in the feline population: typhus, coryza and, if he develops leucosis, as well as rabies if he is in a country at risk.

A annual visit to the vet allows you to accompany him throughout his life and to take care of small problems before they become bigger. This is one of the necessary conditions to keep your cat healthy.

Anatoli Diet

Its food must be of high quality, made of Top-of-the-range croquettes and pâtés. Supermarket or vegan products or products made from insects are not recommended because it needs meat, especially muscle and not only animal by-products. He is a strict carnivore. He must therefore consume good meats, even when they are integrated into croquettes.

It can also be fed raw feeding(or BARF), which is more natural, or household ration. These two types of food require the support of a professional feline nutritionist or excellent knowledge of the cat’s needs.

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Finally, he must always be able to drink clean water at will.

Anatoly Price

The Anatoli not being recognized by the LOOF, it is not, in France, considered as a purebred cat. It is therefore priceless. Abroad, and depending on the country, it takes between 900 and 1,100 euros.

Be aware that shelters and associations are not lacking in pretty short-haired white cats whose character traits and looks can be similar. They will be very happy to bring love and gratitude to a nice family ready to adopt them.

Anatolis Of Celebrities

The Anatoli is too rare an animal. We have not identified a famous person living with such a cat.

Our Advice For Choosing The Right Anatoli

As Anatoli is not recognized by the LOOF, it is not possible to access lineage traceability. We cannot therefore find a kitten in France while benefiting from the certainty that it is indeed an Anatoli. Only the WCF recognizes the breed. It is therefore necessary to go abroad and demand a WCF pedigree. Some German and Dutch breeders work this breed in Europe. Otherwise, it is mainly found in turkey.

However, we advise against flying a kitten intended for the company. It is an anxiety-provoking journey that is only justified in a professional breeding setting, which will only be possible when the LOOF accepts the Anatolian Shorthair.

Adopting an Anatoli means bringing an animal that is both very old and very rare into your home. Playful and close to his master, he brings a sparkling presence and enlivens everyday life with energy.

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