American Wirehaired Cat Breed

There is a difference in terms of the American wirehaired cat compared to the shorthair cat, and it is none other than its hair since it is rougher and harder.

The American wirehaired cat can be a normal cat with short hair , however they are not the same breed. These cats date back to a US farm, back in 1966. A red and white curly coat cat emerged as a spontaneous mutation in a litter of American shorthairs. Since 1969, a purebred colony had been established and received official recognition from the CFA in 1977.

It is also true that it is a breed that can rarely be seen outside the US or Canada, since they are originally from there.


Medium to large, with a rounded head, prominent cheekbones and a well developed muzzle. The eyes are large, round, bright and clear. The Wirehaired American exists in all colors and patterns , except the colourpointed (Himalayan) series. In terms of type, the influence of the American shorthair, used to interbreed with this breed, is very evident today.


The unique and distinctive coat of the American Wirehaired is fluffy, tight, and of medium length. Individual hairs are finer than normal, and curly, wavy, or curled. Stroking the fur is almost like touching an astrakhan cap. A cat with curly whiskers is highly prized . It needs little care; a light brushing sporadically will keep the coat in perfect condition. Gentle use of a rubber brush will help remove dead hairs during shedding.

Characteristics and temperament

The wire-haired American is very determined and curious, sometimes to the point of being bossy; in fact, they say that he rules the house and cats of other breeds with an ” iron paw .” In any case, they also say that it does not stop purring. Also, it is not usually destructive and likes to be caught. It is a good animal since it is resistant and adaptable at the same time.

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