American Wirehair cat Breed

If you are looking for a breed of cat that is very affectionate and that gets along wonderfully with children, the American Wirehair is the companion you are looking for. He is calm, intelligent, friendly and, in addition, he can live more than 20 years.

Discover this beautiful breed.




The American Wirehair, or American with rough hair, is a breed of cat that arose naturally in North America, specifically in New York. In 1966 a human family had a cat that gave birth to a litter of, how could it be otherwise, beautiful kittens. One of them, however, caught her attention, because instead of having soft hair, it was rough and curly .

And this curious kitten sold it to Joan O’Shea, a cat breeder, who decided to name him Adam. He liked the characteristics of his feline so much that he did not hesitate to acquire two more kittens, which he named Amy and Abby. All of these cats were interbred, so that over time the number of kittens with rough hair increased.

These fuzzies were crossed with the American shorthair cat to keep the breed healthy. This is how the American Wirehair began its journey together with humans who have always loved and adored it. In fact, in 1978 it was recognized as a breed by the CFA, just 12 years after the birth of that first Adam.

What is the American Wirehair like?


Physical characteristics

This beautiful cat has a strong and muscular body, protected by a coat of semi-long hair, hard and rough to the touch . This can be any color, except chocolate, lavender, and crossbreed with wild cats. The head is rounded, with large round eyes, medium ears and rounded at the tips, and a small and broad nose.

If we talk about weight, that of females is between 4 and 5kg, and that of males between 6 and 8kg.


It’s a cat love. Intelligent, affectionate, playful. He loves to be with the family . He gets along well with children and adults, so you will not have any problem if you take care of him with affection and respect. Also, since he has a hope of more than 20 years, you will be able to enjoy his company for a long, long time.

What care do you need?

In order for your American wirehair cat to enjoy his life with you, he will need a series of care that you must provide:



This furry, like all felines, must follow a carnivorous diet , and it is highly recommended to give it the Yum Diet for cats or even Barf -with the help of a feline nutritionist-. In the case of not wanting or not being able to choose these diets, whenever possible it is advisable to give them a feed that does not contain cereals or by-products, since they are ingredients that the animal does not need and that, in fact, can cause problems such as infections of urine or allergy.


Although it is a calm cat, to stay in shape it must be “forced” to exercise. For this, you have to buy cat toys such as balls and / or rods, and dedicate three or four play sessions a day that last 10-15 minutes . In this way, you will not only have a healthy furry, but also a happy one.


The American wirehair is in very good health; However, during the first year you will have to take him to the vet for vaccinations , and go back annually to have him checked.



The hair must be brushed daily using a stiff bristle brush . You can also use the FURminator , which is a comb that removes virtually all dead hair.


You have to clean the eyes once every 2-3 days , using a clean gauze for each eye moistened in a warm chamomile infusion.



The ears should be cleaned once a week with the help of an eye drop prescribed by a veterinarian. A clean gauze is moistened with a few drops, and then it is passed through the ear . You never have to go too deep, otherwise you could cause damage to the furry one.

How much does an American Wirehair cat cost?


If you have decided to buy it in a hatchery, it can cost you about 800 euros . The advantage of buying it in a cattery and not in a pet store that you can meet the parents of the furry, and find out about their health. In addition, he will give you the pedigree certificate.

In the event that you choose to get it in a pet store, the price will be lower, but it will be difficult for you to know the origin of the cat.

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