American Wirehair Cat Breed

American Wirehair Cat Breed

Energetic, fast, intelligent and affectionate, the American Wirehair or ‘American Wirehair’ is a very peculiar feline little known outside its native USA. Its main hallmark is precisely its fine, rough and curly coat.

Even his mustaches are curly, something that is highly valued, as well as the hairs on his ears. A natural genetic mutation is responsible for the quality that makes this breed a somewhat expensive option, as its copies are scarce.

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Characteristics of the American Wirehair

His complexion is athletic and his movements delicate, especially when he plays, something to which he dedicates a good part of his time. His luminous gaze reveals his adventurous and curious spirit. A pet that adapts easily to all types of homes.

Origin New York (USA)
Medium size
Weight of 6 to 8 kg males and 4 to 5 kg females
Short, fine and hard hair. Colors: black, red, blue, cream, tortoiseshell, smoke, shaded silver, shaded cameo, chinchilla silver, brindle, shaded brindle or bicolor (combination of solid and tortoiseshell or white and any of the other colors)
Rounded head with prominent cheekbones
Ears medium and well separated, slightly open at the base
Large, round, golden eyes. Its color does not have to match that of the cloak
Tail tapers towards the tip that is rounded
Estimated longevity of 14 to 18 years
Difficulty caring for it low


Character and behavior of the American Wirehair cat

The American Wirehair is a very active, vital, independent and dominant cat. His personality does not go unnoticed, he is a whirlwind of energy that will know how to claim your attention.

He loves observation and has a special ability to hide in the most unexpected places you can imagine. He distrusts strangers, but his curiosity pushes him to approach them. He gets along well with children and other pets.

His very close kinship with the American shorthair endows him with a very affable and friendly temperament. He is very intelligent and, without a doubt, he will assimilate with ease everything you want to instill in him.

Care for the American Wirehair

This breed requires little care to stay happy and healthy. You should brush his hair once a week or at least once every 10 days. Remember that in the shedding seasons, spring and fall, you should do it daily to prevent skin allergies.

Bathe him once a month and provide him with a dry diet to guarantee all the nutrients that his enormous vitality requires . Never offer him the remains of your food, they will not nourish him as he deserves. With 150 grams per day it will be enough to avoid being overweight.

Make sure they are well hydrated to avoid possible problems in their urinary tract (FLUTD) , since cats do not usually drink and this breed in particular, even less.

Their ears tend to get greasy, so you should take care of cleaning them once a week. In this way, you will avoid the accumulation of dangerous germs and parasites that could trigger infections.

Exercise is essential to the well-being of the American Wirehair. Therefore, provide him with ample spaces so that he can let himself be carried away by his games and acrobatics. You will also need to trim their nails 2 times a year.

Possible health problems of American Wirehair

Among the most notable diseases of this breed, polycystic kidney disease and ear infections deserve your attention . Polycystic kidney disease is a serious and incurable genetic disease that considerably reduces the quality of life of the animal.

Hypertrophic myocardipathy, which enlarges the heart, and irritation of the skin, as a consequence of their curly and frizzy hair, complete the list of most prevalent pathologies among the Ameircan wirehairs.

Vaccination against rabies, typhus, leukosis and coryza, as well as its correct deworming, internal and external, are more simple and effective measures to take care of the health of your pet. Go to your vet as soon as you notice changes in his behavior.

History of the breed and fun facts

This breed originated on a farm in Verona, New York, in 1966. The first American wirehair specimen was named Adam and it was a bicolor (red and white) short-haired feline. His coat was hard and curly, characteristics that caught the attention of Joan O’Shea.

Joan decided to create a new breed from Adam. For this, he crossed specimens with short, curly and frizzy hair that were soon exported to Canada and Germany. However, at present this breed is little known outside the US .

Farm cats and American shorthairs are among their most direct ancestors.

In 1978 the Cat Fanciers´Association officially recognized the breed. Interestingly, curly and rough-haired felines were also identified in a London street cat colony during World War II. However, these characteristics were not fixed.

Do you know that if you caress it in the direction of its hairline, the American wirehair treasures a touch similar to that of silk? His hair, finer than conventional, and curly throughout its body length is, as you already know, his most distinctive feature.


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